Profile – Jeff Blythin

DSC_0079 bw

Young Jeffrey likes to describe himself as a Welsh Lothario. Unfortunately the years have not been kind.

His main interest lies in the female form although he has expressed a penchant for lobsters and small pigs.

Having made a couple of visits to the Bee in 1967 , Jeff chose not to return until 1980 ( National Service, 18 months for theft of a school crossing lollipop, and other misdemeanours ) and has enriched the club with his presence ever since (and to be fair did virtually all the graft of organising it for most of this period).

Favourite things?    Guitars,large breasted women and 98% of the people at the club.

Less than enamoured?    Small breasted men and, of course, music stands.

Unfortunately, having the attention span of a goldfish, Jeff lost concentration at this point, but I feel I can safely suggest that his music was heavily influenced by a Mr. Dylan.

One Response to “Profile – Jeff Blythin”

  1. Jeff’s Rabalasian style of humour has spiced the club for many a year and of course we are indebted to him for putting in the spadework to keep the club going for 25 years or more. What’s more he is a much better blues singer and guitarist than he gives himself credit for.

    P.S. Would you like me to manipulate your shoulder Jeff?

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