Andrew Pritchard

Photo courtesy N.W. police

Photo courtesy N.W. police

Andrew was born, a long time ago,  in Chatsworth House; not the big gaff in Derbyshire, the one that became Prestatyn Community Hospital. Amazingly there is still no blue plaque.

Having been educated at the Grammar school, he was sentenced to 40 years in NHS pathology. On release, he was fortunate enough to get  a top job at Pritchard Towers as head of domesticity, a post that he has retained since 2007.

Having been a club regular for the past 20 years, Andrew has now  taken on the role of supplier of jams and preserves to the raffle.

The more observant amongst you will have noticed that he is also  the regular Master of Ceremonies. I find it difficult to knock him on this one as he actually does the job rather well, involving the whole of the audience in the proceedings and making newcomers particularly welcome. It is largely due to Andrew’s skills that the club has the warm,  family feel.

Andrew enjoys the company and the music on a Friday, but is bemused when “turns” ask him if their instruments are in tune (95% tone deaf).

For someone who hasn’t got a note in him, much less the ability to recognise one, for Andrew the term “musical influences”  is an oxymoron. However favourites would include His Bobness, Steve Earle,  Emmy Lou Harris,  John Prine  and Lucinda Williams.

Four DID’s would have to include:-

Baba O’Reilly            The Who

Pancho & Lefty        Townes Van Zandt

Desperado                 Eagles

Old Friend                  Lyle Lovett

Andrew would like to see more young poeple at the club and also more female persons doing a  “turn” ,so to speak. Come on girls, there might be a jar of jam in it!


2 Responses to “Andrew Pritchard”

  1. Alun Rhys Jones Says:

    What an asset to the club. Let’s hope his jam-making continues for decades to come

  2. Compering the evening is often regarded as a bit of a thankless task so we are fortunate to have not only a volunteer ( worth ten pressed men they say) but a man who does it with wit, style and grace.

    P.S. Can I top the bill each week Andrew?

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