Brian Bull

 Brian was a war baby. No, not the Boer war, but the little fracas with the Hun ( the 2nd. not the 1st.). He arrived screaming in an open tuning in Burton-upon-Trent, a town noted worldwide for it’s beer, and Brian says he has always felt it incumbent upon him (perhaps someone will explain ” incumbent” to Mr. Blythin for him) to support the industry of his own town.

His addiction to music began in the mid fifties upon hearing Skiffle and Rock n’ Roll, and misspent many a happy hour listening under the bedclothes on his crystal set  to Lonnie Donegan and Buddy Holly on Radio Luxembourg. The B.B.C. was too posh in those days to play such rubbish. Brian soon acquired his own guitar and practiced every day in front of the mirror trying to look like Elvis. Corrective surgery later sorted out the badly curled lip.

The early sixties saw Brian bluffing his way through a degree course at Imperial College London,while starting his own folk club, becoming hooked on English folk song through Martin Carthy and others. He married his first wife, Carole, at this time, and she remains his first wife after 46 years. Love’s young dream settled in Rhyl and Brian began to frequent the Folk Club at the Bee, meeting the likes of Ted Robshaw, Hayden Smith, Dick Van Ruthin, Keith Pryce and John Prys, the stale-warts who set the club in motion.

After serving a long stretch (of gainful employment) he finally accepted the gold watch. Now in his twilight years, Brian passes his time doing a little event organising for The Folk Camps Society (look at their website), attempting to improve his singing and playing (guitar and concertina) and stalking Anne Widdecombe. He also calls for barn dances if you fancy one for your next birthday.

Favourite Folkies:-

Martin Carthy (especially with Dave Swarbrick)

Nic Jones

Alistair Anderson

Tony Rose


Desert Island Discs:-

Byker Hill (Carthy & Swarbrick)

Canadee-io ( Nic Jones )

Madame Bonaparte (Alistair Anderson)

‘Twas on one April Morning (Tony Rose)

The Wild Hills o’ Wannies (Billy Pigg)

Chickens in the Garden (Watersons)


That’s just the folk, then there’s;-

That’ll be the day (Buddy Holly)

Every Time we say Goodbye (Ella Fitzgerald)

What’d I Say ? (Ray Charles)

Nuage (Django Rheinhardt)   ….and many more.


Things you will never hear Brian say;-

Ok, I’ll vote Tory just this once.

Go on, play some more Country & Western.

What are you drinking Jeff?


He still practices Jailhouse Rock in front of the mirror.



3 Responses to “Brian Bull”

  1. Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

    Having lived in Derby for 11 years I recall Burton Upon Trent. There was a famous road with numerous pubs along it. This road soon became a challenge for students to attempt to drink a pint in each one. This proved impossible and therefore it was reduced to a half of bitter in each pub. i never managed it though one of my friend did. He later died when his house boat sank along with him in a drunken stupur.
    As ever Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd
    p.s. Exactly what is an incumbent?

  2. Alun Rhys Jones Says:

    Brian’s little pre-song lectures are a real treat. I now kow the meaning of “Acoustic” “Proper Folk Music” “DADGAD” and many more techy terms. Thanks you Mr Chips!

  3. Graham Stubbs the funniest man in Rhyl Says:

    How dare you people ‘attempt’ comedy without the presence of the funniest man in Rhyl, or at least the funniest man in our house. You will be hearing from my solicitor, or Andy Hutch once he’s released.

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