Ruth Pritchard

A Rhyl girl! Having trained at the Royal Southern Hospital, Liverpool, Ruth spent her working life bombarding patients with ionising radiation and processing the pictures (X-rays) for the N.H.S. Now in permanent voluntary retirement (she’s far too young to be retired), one of her main hobbies is using her camera to take more conventional pictures; indeed, without her weekly efforts, this website would be a very dull affair. Ruth is also a very active member of the local Historical Society and is always keen to go out walking or cycling.

A true stalwart, Ruth has been coming to the club since she was in the 6th form, and is now the calm, level headed person on the club’s management committee.

If left stranded on ” the island”, Ruth would take copies of:-

Our Town (Iris Dement)………………..Kate Rusby

Wall of Death (R . Thompson) ………….Nanci Griffith

Sold Down the River (P. Coe)…………Rum, Bum & Concertina

Kathy’s Song………….Simon & Garfunkel

Ruth always looks forward to her Friday nights, for the music and also the fun and friendship. She’s big on the chorus singing. However, she reflects, if we want to keep the club going for another 50 years, we need YOUNG PEOPLE! Perhaps it’s time to ditch the condom and start again Andrew??


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