Andrew Weighill-Richards

DSC_2243Andrew Weighill-Richards; poet, gentleman, scholar, the man in black, the git with the long hair, was originally from Rhyl but now resides peacefully in the village of Carneddi, outside Bangor, although he’s in Rhyl 5 nights a week. We are very fortunate to have Andrew amongst our midst for his weekly spot of culture, which usually involves reading verse wot ‘e ‘as rit ‘imself. No music is involved but his work is always perceptive, often thought-provoking and usually very amusing. He recently admitted to being expelled from the Poetry Society 20 years ago.DSC_3877

Now a full-time carer, he was formerly a systems analyst (I don’t know what the ****that is either, Google it) but has had many other (undisclosed) occupations. He claims to have single handedly saved civilisation from the Millennium Bug and has spent the time since 2000 trying not to be “the bloke who’ll sort out your PC”. His last proper job was teaching Victorian history to school groups (and a few U3A groups) while dressed up as the butler of Penrhyn Castle and occasional lectures for the Welsh Baccalaureate, on Wales and Slavery (I suspect his idea of a “proper job” and mine may differ).

Andrew lists his interests as reading, writing, kite- flying, photography and “building stuff” (including a 5 bedroom timber frame house, but furniture is more usual).

Things that Andrew does not possess include a TV, radio, CD player, driving license and a fully functional pancreas. (I would add “the address of a barber” to that list).

He admits to have been coming to the club since 1981, but took three decades off to have a career and other assorted adventures. While liking the new venue he misses the candles stuck in wax encrusted bottles. “I miss Dave Costello too. I know he’s still around, usually right next to me, but I miss his turns”.

As a non-musician, who can carry a tune almost as well as Andrew P., he doesn’t really have musical influences. Current favourites : Mike’s vocals and the mellifluous Miss Lowden’s superb accompaniment of John Shepherd (he actually wrote that, I didn’t add it).

Desert Island Discs:

Concierto de Aranjuez – Joaquin Rodrigo (Paco de Lucia)

Songs from a Room – Leonard Cohen

Opera Sauvage – Vangelis

Missing … presumed having a good time – The Notting Hillbillies

Filling Time – Painless John (ok, I did add that one)

Andrew ‘s book would be Palgrave’s Golden Treasury and his one luxury would be his favourite pen.

You can read Andrew’s work at  Thoroughly entertaining stuff from an all round nice guy.

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