Veronica’s 10 (or 20)

DSC_4986Veronica is a bit greedy – she’s got 10 cd’s under one arm and 10 LP. s under the other:-Very Difficult to choose but here goes –
10 CDs
1. Well it has to be Rhyl Folk club CD doesn’t it !!!!!!!
(Is that smarmy enough !!)
2.The very best of Cat Stevens
3.Any of my Paul Simon collection that I could get hold of in time
3. Working Class hero – John Lennon
4. Gregorian Chants – various artists
5. Meat Loaf – Hits out of hell
6. The Woodstock Generation – various artists from Woodstock
7.Sgt Peppers Lonely hearts club band – Beatles
8. Kate Bush – The Whole Story
9. Glen Miller Greatest hits
10. War of the Worlds- mainly for Richard Burton’s dulcet voice !!!!
Now obviously – there are lots more I would really want to save from that fire but !!!! Only allowed 10!!
Now if I was allowed 10 Vinyls –
1.Changing Winds – Maddy Prior
2.Going for glory – Maddy Prior
3. Hooked on Winning
– Maddy Prior
4. Woman in the Wings – Maddy Prior
Yes I love Maddy Prior but I’d save these also because my late husband Ian bought them for me
5. Bridge over troubled water – Simon and Garfunkel
6. Variations – Andrew Lloyd-Webber
7. Tapestry – Carole King ( The song Tapestry describes how life is/ has been for me – so well !!!
8. I am Woman – Helen Reddy ( very powerful songs about being a woman – enough said!!! )
9. Minstrel in the Gallery – Jethro Tull
10. Stand Up – Jethro Tull


2 Responses to “Veronica’s 10 (or 20)”

  1. Dave Rothwell Says:

    Like it all!

  2. Oops – just noticed I put No.3 twice in the CD’s – so I’ve got 11 – not deliberate honest!!!!!

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