Friday 5th May 2017

Friday night saw us run out of chairs as Tynewydd was packed to the gunwales for our guests Kimber’s Men; or maybe they’d all come to hear me?

It appeared to be my turn to open, followed by Mike, who carefully steered clear of anything nautical, and then Alan. Brian had returned prematurely – the story of his life according to his missus. Unfortunately he had his concertina with him. His first song mentioned a lady “giving relief”, then “Greenland Whale Fisheries” had Neil Kimber reaching for his pen to scratch it off their list.

As expected, Kimber’s Men performed mainly  acapella, with songs of the sea, but a couple of guitars, a harmonium and eventually a piece of scaffold pipe hammered flat at the end to provide a mouthpiece and tuned to D (possibly). I’d noticed that there was also a bodhran on the stage . Bodhran players and philosophers both perceive time as an abstract concept, so it was probably best left alone; I suspect it was kept as some sort of pet and they’d taken it out for the day, although a trip to Rhyl is hardly a treat, even for a bodhran coming from Halifax.

“Chicken on a Raft” was always going to be a mistake. They were taken by surprise as many in the audience demonstrated their ability ( or lack of) to imitate poultry.

“Don’t take the heroes” finished off the first half. Beautiful song. Where had the time gone? There’s no list of songs as I couldn’t be arsed – too busy enjoying myself.

The usual mega raffle saw me win buggerall yet again and part 2 opened with Henry, a newcomer to the club (I think  he said he’d come to hear me but I may have misheard). Alun followed with “Ar Lan Y Mor”, the 2 key changes taking it to castrato levels unobtainable to most. Despite the day’s setbacks, Adrian turned up and predictably entertained us with gratuitous violence and smut.

Kimber’s men to finish the last 45 minutes. Despite coming from Yorkshire (the wasteland to the East of Lancashire), they were drinking cans of Boddies. Why? Timothy Taylor’s “Landlord” is widely available here. These are the sort of people that nick chips off seagulls.

The night flew by and even the people who normally only come to the club for the wife swapping found themselves belting out the choruses (chori?). As well as the impeccable singing there were plenty of good gags (and a few others) with great banter with the audience. What’s not to like? The night ended with “Mingulay”; apparently you could hear the chorus in Llandudno.

We never found who the bodhran player was, but we may next time, as there surely will be a next time or Jeff gets a good kicking. I’ll leave you with a clip from YouTube, but it’s not a patch on the atmosphere at Tynewydd.

Next week we have a singers night with proceeds going to the Chernobyl Children.



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