Friday July 21st 2017

Jeff was away having combined electrotherapy/ colonic irrigation for his Tourette’s/persistent bowel problems so someone else had to be on the desk. Val was unable to find the “On” switch and was quickly moved on by AWR.

EmCee resumed “the system”, commonly referred to as “the alphabet”.

Alun was wearing the shirt from hell and wasn’t driving, but more of that later. His opening salvo was “River run”, one written by “Dai” Donovan and the cheerful one about the mass hangings.

To stop us enjoying ourselves too much, Brian’s beheading song was preceded by a nice little ditty about selling wives; thirteen shillings and a penny seemed to be the going rate (just over 60p if I have any readers younger than 50).

So, we’d had A,B, who was C?  None other than long lost Colin, now free from his life as a sex slave after being trafficked to deepest Lancashire in his youth. His frame now enhanced by years of a diet of black puddin’, tripe and Moorhouse’s Beer, he could still knock it out on the mandolin. The set of jigs you can hear now.

Geoff Durno had brought a sick note but had lost it or blown his nose on it. He wanted scarlet ribbons for his hair. Grecian 2000 would be more use Geoff.

If you look at the website Homepage (not now, later!), at the bottom right hand side you will see a “Folkcast” banner. There’s loads of stuff to be had there. In the July 15th podcast, AWR explains the bizarre story behind “Maid of Llanwellyn”. This is then followed by me singing it. The Folkcast version is not “enhanced” by the Rhyl Farmyard Chorus however. I discovered last night that nobody appears to be able to do “goat”.

Mike sang “Blood red roses”, a “shanty” written for the film “Moby Dick”. Other sexually transmitted diseases are available.

I hadn’t had time to practise yesterday as much of my day was spent foraging roadkill to feed to the Jacksons – a free meal was the only way to entice Nick back for a second visit. His  guitar bits in”St. James Infirmary Blues” are legendary. Sort of.

At the break EmCee said he was off “to pick up a woman”. I understand “Skankey Agnes ” is still doing the business for 75p on the prom, although our chairman was actually spotted loitering around the station.

In the event we were left to drift, with only rudimentary knowledge of the alphabet to steer us to 11 o’clock.

T Gwyn depressed us with some very heavy Dylan (Thomas), and we all then sang one more each. Geoff Durno’s cowboy song (as I remember, recorded by Hank Wank and Brenda Buns) was outstanding, but not fit for “Soundcloud”.

We were left with a further 10 minutes to fill, so an alcohol fuelled Alun enticed several unsuspecting souls on to the stage to help with “Wild Rover”. Superb. Thanks to all involved for giving it a go.

Tuesday is Treasure Hunt night – starts at 6.00 from Morley Road car park.



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