Friday July 28th 2017

The North Atlantic jetstream continues to fire a succession of low pressure systems at the UK; yes it was pissing it down yet again. We did however have some returning old friends to cheer us up. For those who missed Tuesday’s treasure hunt, there’s a report elsewhere on the website – thanks again to Andrew and Ruth for organising another fun night.

Mike opened with acapella Dylan (Bob, not Thomas), before Alan Ewing sang what was to be one of the many Canadian influenced songs of the night.

Alun had been practising “Hiring Fair” this afternoon and had broken a string. If God had intended you to “bend” strings he wouldn’t have made ’em straight would he? He also did one about Woodstock which left me confused as I thought that was the name of the bird in the Snoopy cartoons.

Tonight’s special treat came all the way from the far side of Canada, negotiating the North west Passage where Franklin had failed. Those of you who use our Facebook page will know that Helen is one of our regular participants there, despite being several thousand miles away. Tonight she was here in the flesh and sang “Magdalene laundry” and “I’d rather be tending my sheep”. Many in Wales would rather be doing something else to their sheep – thankfully Jeff wasn’t there to comment.

At this point could I request that can opening be done between songs. It’s not much to ask is it? Bloody annoying for the singers when someone pops open a beer while you’re singing. Rant over.

Adrian’s electric blue t shirt was advertising some jazz event he’d been attending in the South of France. He also seemed to have been exposing his body to an excess of UV rays. Either that or he had American Tan popsox under his sandals. He repudiates the allegation that  the fires in the region were caused by his carelessly discarded fag end.

Some of the women in the audience thought I was “pleased to see them”, but it was just my treasure hunt winner’s medal in my pocket. Did I mention that I was on the winning team? After living here for 40 years I’m learning to gloat like a Welshman.

We had not one but two Banjo Paterson poems read by T Gwyn; Gwyn introduced us to his work a couple of years ago – always goes down well.

Time for a couple each after the break and a join-in to finish.

Both Ruth and myself will be either away or busy during August; also I need a break from trying to think of something to write every Saturday morning, so there will be an absence of blogs for a few weeks. There is a whole load of entertaining stuff on the website, so make use of this instead. “T shirts on tour” and the “Profiles” sections are always well worth a view.

AWR will still be picking “track of the week” on Soundcloud. This week it’s Helen with “I am a brisk lad”. Vegetarians and animal rights groups may need counselling. The club will be there every Friday and Jeff will be back.



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