Friday September 1st 2017

The Saturday edition of The Beano of the folk world is back. The first thing that hit you as you walked in Tynewydd (apart from Sheila’s fist, as you tried to get in without paying) was the splendid new backdrop; in midnight blue skilfully run up by AWR. A big improvement, and “thanksverymuch” to Andrew. Andrew also thought Carole’s bunting was a bit grubby (!) so he gave it a good scrub and now it’s fresh as a daisy with no creepy crawlies living in it.

Brian was put on first. He’d been away for a couple of weeks, performing at the American Circus, out past Sainsbury’s. His act there consisted of performing with wild animals whilst dressed in clown’s shoes and playing concertina. Same as most Friday nights for him.

Adrian then sang “Brisk young widow” in what was obviously too high a key.

Alun’s bad taste in shirts continues to amaze. His attempt at Brian Bedford’s “What’s the use of “stuff” ” was almost very good.

Lovely set as always from Mike. We haven’t heard him on Soundcloud for a while so the link will be at the bottom – “First time ever I saw your face” will drop your blood pressure better than Beta Blockers.


A couple from me, including a new one, “The Soldier”. Nice chorus – shame no bugger joined in!

We’d missed Mel over the last couple of months. Tonight we had the “shanty porn” in it’s entirety. He’d been trawling the lower reaches of the internet for some new material and had come across “Coconut surprise” by someone called “Dick Wrigley”. Mr. Wrigley is better known as Nick Jackson and he wrote the song about 25 years ago, but hasn’t sung it for at least 10 years ‘cos he now hates it. It was great to have it resurrected with Mel’s interpretation.

Tony was on holiday from Kent and popped in looking for an open mic night with his guitar. He seemed to have a really good night, not expecting a bunch of pensioneers to be so raucous and, well, frankly filthy. We enjoyed his sets, the Ray Charles number being my pick of the bunch.

Jenny’s leg is getting better and it was a joy to see her back. She was able to stay the whole night – a decision she was about to regret.

Jeff had previously said he’d be late as he had “marital obligations” to fulfil ( Janet’s birthday treat). In the event he was only a couple of minutes late. Excellent set, with 2 songs padded out to 20 minutes by banter.

Ruth and EmCee had been away for a few weeks, filming the S4C version of “Love Island”; this seemed to mainly involve smearing laverbread over various parts of their anatomy on Anglesey. The sadly -out- of -practise EmCee thought we had just time for one more each, but quickly found himself with 20 minutes to spare. Brian threw a strop as HE’D ALREADY PUT HIS GUITAR IN IT’S CASE!!!!!  He then admitted to being “very fond of Tony Rose in the 70s”. It was still illegal then wasn’t it?

Mel then finished off what had been a splendid night with three.

Singers night next week but WE ARE CLOSED ON THE 15TH.  Here’s Mike.


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