Friday September 8th 2017

At 8.05 it was looking a bit thin in terms of singers, but by 8.15, our cup runneth over and EmCee had to get his finger out. Mike opened with three; one bloke shot dead, another dead from starvation on the ice and someone making moonshine. A couple from me before Adrian had a bloke shot by firing squad. How we laughed!

A couple of lads (Andy and Andy – EmCee got confused with a puppet show from the 50s) had travelled down from the Wirral. Basically Irish influenced music, these two could really play – their sets included use of bouzouki, banjo, guitar flute and whistles. Hopefully we’ll see them back.

What could improve the relaxed style of Geoff Durno? His Lowden, now returned from the factory. Beautifully balanced, sweet as a nut. His set was further enhanced by “the tosser from Burnley” who again speed skated round the room during Geoff’s song from Starlight Express, unfortunately flooring Sheila who was out and about with her tray of Kia Ora, choc ices and Mivvis.

Neal and Shereen are probably the biggest crowd pleasers who visit the club. I’d met Neal in Llandudno last month and he’d said he thought their material wasn’t “folkie” enough for the club. Bollocks! Tonight they had Alan on bass as well. Went down a storm. 

My readers are always interested to know what fashion icon Shereen was wearing. Tonight she had carefully chosen a black vest from Damart’s stunning Autumn Collection.

This took us to the break, where tonight’s prizes included a bag of cat litter (unused).

Jeff had been doing a cracking job with his knobs tonight, despite being distracted by his copy of “Concertina Players’ Wives”, and opened part 2 with a very ambitious bit of picking on guitar.

There was more from everyone in the second half with prominence being given to Andy-Andy and the Jones trio. For a couple of songs, Shereen took out her maracas and shook them about in time to the music. “You’ve got a friend” and “She’s leaving home” left me feeling peaceful and serene; a strange sensation for me but I’m sure it will soon pass. No club night next week so don’t turn up, but back on the 22nd with the Snapes – very popular last time they were here – remember the dancing newt?

AWR has scraped the bottom of the barrel this week and put one of mine on Soundcloud.


2 Responses to “Friday September 8th 2017”

  1. Wow……what an evening. Absolute spontaneous heaven. I’m only sorry that Alun missed it. Does anyone know th
    e name of the Andy, Andy & Keiron trio please? Whoever’s in charge of bookings, please book Andy +Andy & Neal & Shereen soon. Brilliant.

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