Friday September 22nd 2017

Tonight we had a return visit from Peter and Barbara Snape. For a while, we thought we sept22 s2weren’t going to get to hear them. EmCee put Jeff on first; ok we were still a bit short on regular singers with many still away on hols and Adrian attending his monthly left wing paramilitary boot camp, but Jeff attempted a filibuster, almost talking out the first half with  tales of (his?) sexual exploits with goats. There was just time for me to fit in a sept22 s5couple (which were best forgotten) but Mike had to wait till the second half.

As you would expect from people from central Lancashire, Peter and Barbara exude warmth and personality. Barbara does the singing while Peter plays his many melodeons sept22 s3(melodea?). Their material is almost exclusively from Lancashire, most of it cheerful and singalongy, although many of the choruses were a touch complex for an ageing audience on heavy doses of medication. My favourite of the night was “Fred Fanackerpan” – a story of a young man who went to meet his girlfriend’s family for tea but was unable to eat or speak as his dentures had fallen out and got lost on the way. Sounds like a set I may have fitted.

After the break we had T Gwyn and Mike and another set from P & B. The audience particularly enjoyed shouting “knobs” in one of their songs. Sad, really. My only disappointment was the non-appearance of “The Dancing Newt”. Maybe next time?

sept22 s4

With many people being away we’ve had a bumper collection of t shirt photos, sent from around the globe – have a look at “T shirts on tour” from the homepage.

For those of you who missed them or want to see more, here’s a Youtube clip


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