Friday 29th September 2017

Minutes of the club night 29/09/17.

Apologies received from:-

Ruth Pritchard -driving job with Eddie Stobart takes her away.

ARJ – Gig on a luxury cruise liner (stoker).

Andrew Pritchard – bad knee.

Jeffrey Blythin – serving short sentence for sexual offences involving goats.

After someone held a Stanley knife to the bellows of Brian’s concertina, he was persuaded to MC for the night. As he was already standing there he put himself on first; sang something jolly followed by a wrist slasher.

Jeff will have been disappointed to have missed Adrian singing about “lily white breasts” (again). A brief discussion on the pronunciation of “fungi” followed (hard “g” or soft “g”?). His tune was a handkerchief dance with side steps and capers. I find them a bit astringent.

I was taking the photos tonight, but John Roberts picked up my camera and snapped this one of me, scowling at the audience when (again) they failed to join in my chorus. Have you ever shown a card trick to a spaniel? That’s the sort of reaction I got.

T Gwyn got an earlier-than-normal spot and can be seen here milking “”The green eye of the little yellow god” for all he’s worth.

Mike surprised us all by singing something from “Penguin Eggs”. How come he never hits any bum notes?

Geoff Durno had missed us for a few weeks, so it was a treat to see him back. That is until he launched into his gag. Another filibuster. Blood began to seep from my ears. Eventually he got to the punchline and made up with a predictably fine set.

John Killion had likewise been absent for a while; he said he’d been in Manchester, presumably hiding from the tax man or the law -“50 bobbies are after us and they don’t know where we are”

Steve Jones had popped over from the U.S.. He’d brought a couple of things with him. An expensive bottle of Vintage Cask Glenfiddich (which I assume we’ll raffle  in December) and, slightly less welcome, a gobby individual fresh back from the Labour Party conference.

The break and raffle. Was the bottle of Gluhwein with the festive label a leftover from last year or are the supermarkets already knocking out the mince pies and stuff for this year?

Time for a second set each in the second half.

Thanks to AWR for setting/clearing up and doing the desk. Most or all of the absentees should be back next week, but I’m off to race my whippets in the Fez to Marrakech classic so we’ll have to find another blogger. I hear Roly’s not too well at the minute, so we all wish him well.

Here’s Brian singing about the good old days when you didn’t need to divorce your wife, you could simply sell her at the market, which reminds me, it’s my wedding anniversary today. No, I’m not taking her out somewhere nice.


2 Responses to “Friday 29th September 2017”

  1. Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

    Looks like I missed a good night, strange that it always seems to be a good night when I’m not there. Hmmm.

  2. jonesthephones Says:

    What? I reckon Lesley’s worth at least 13s 2d… No, let’s not be silly… I’ll give you a pound for her. However, I’ll have to check with Wendy first 🙂

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