Friday, October 6th

October is upon us and John Shepherd is in Marrakesh learning how to properly prepare camel toe (the middle eastern version of pig’s trotters). However, as predicted by him last week, almost everyone else was back from their various sojourns.

Emcee’s legendary tone deafness was less about tone and more about deafness tonight but we are all assured that the new Karcher pressure washer Ruth ordered online will solve the problem before next Friday… one way or t’other.

Mr West went first, with the cautionary tale of Lovely Joan, His favourite morris tune, Shepherd’s Hay and the completely depressing Queen Jane. Next Saturday is the annual reunion of Bangor Morris Men, of whom our Mr West has been a member for over fifty years. They will be dancing on Bangor Pier and drinking in the Tap and Spile. Mr Bull and I attended last year and it was hugely entertaining so do make the effort to support one of our own.

Alun Rhys Jones returned from France with a song that he performed at Chris Ruane’s wedding, inspired by St Paul (1 Corinthians 13), written by Pierce Pettis. Then 3 score and 10 got everyone singing along!

Mike Hawkins got short changed in the White Cockade. A shilling? John Shepherd’s Blue Cockade got him 5 guineas and a crown. Whisky on a Sunday got some of us singing along but it deserves a bigger audience to do it real justice.

Mel Barratt started off with one of my favourites, The Yorkshire Couple by Jim Mackie. His second song, he’s blaming Apple Music for. It was all about flatulence and I was sitting next to Jeff Blythin so I found it particularly topical.

Jeff Blythin gave himself a bad review for Boots of Spanish Leather and far be it from me to argue with him.

T Gwyn’s Betjeman repertoire grew a little larger with Agricultural Caresses. It’s worth mentioning that last week’s bit of Betjeman is on the Soundcloud for your delectation.

During the beer break, Val announced that she’s doing a sponsored walk in aid of dementia research. For obvious reasons, this has huge personal significance for Val but dementia has touched almost all our lives so, if you haven’t sponsored her already, please do so via Just Giving or in person next Friday.

And around we all went again.

Mr West still couldn’t get a decent body count with the Gaol Song and Twanky Dillow.
Alun eschewed English with Hanes Yn Y Llyniau, La Bas (in French) and Arrgh Lan Y Mor.
Mike sang Raglan Road, The Grey Funnel Line and Blood Red Roses: all songs he does well.
Mel Barratt got all romantic on us with a beautiful song called The Thought Of You, For The Sake Of Days Gone By (minus the yodelling) and Dan Seals’ One Friend. (One Friend has the distinction of being the most popular Rhyl Folk Club recording to date. It’s been listened to over 1500 times in the last 6 months.)
Jeff and Jones rounded off a thoroughly decent evening with Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness, Blind Scouse and a very pleasing rendition of Forever Young.

John’s still away next week so I’ll be waffling on again in his stead, unless anyone else would care to volunteer as guest blogger.

Goodnight and joy be with you all.



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