Friday October 20th 2017

A few regular bums were not on seats last night, including Mr. Bull, who had finally found fame and had a storm named after him.

However, Keith Price, the club’s favourite scouser, had nicked a motor and braved the elements to provide us with another night of music and fun.

Jeff opened up and said he was going to be extra crap to make Keith look really good. Excellent job, Jeff. A couple from me meant that Keith looked like being a world beater. Mike’s unaccompanied set would surely demonstrate our guest’s prowess on several instruments.

Jeff has been badgered by many in the club to get Keith back for another night. Mainly the women. Be under no illusions, this man is sexual chocolate; every woman’s secret desire.

His fine singing was accompanied on guitar and melodeon, with some dazzling fiddle tunes thrown in. Is there no end to this man’s talent? Answers on a postcard to …..

The break was on us all too soon. I WON A (DECENT) BOTTLE!! During the break Mike was presented with a vinyl 78 rpm copy of  Nic Jones’ “Penguin Eggs” by AWR for successfully completing 70 orbits of the sun – it’s been a long standing joke that Mike only owns one record, so now he has two. (Both, sadly are “Penguin Eggs”).

Alun opened part 2 with a really sad song in Welsh. (I knew it must be sad as it was full of minor chords, nothing to do with my understanding of Cymraeg). His second offering was a Cornish song, bizarrely in what sounded like a Norfolk farmer’s accent.

Adrian, now fully recovered from his annual Morris Dancing gig on Bangor pier, sang a topical song about Napoleon. Good to see Alan Ewing back, turning in a nice set to boot.

Back to Keith to finish off the evening. When he wasn’t singing and playing he was simply being Keith Price, which was worth the three quid alone – surely the most entertaining guest we’ve had for some time. AWR has picked this week’s featured track. Very difficult to choose as there were so many gems to pick from. Or maybe Jeff and myself did such a good job with the foreplay? Keith says he has never been married to Lulu and his favourite milk is semi- skimmed. Singers night next week.


One Response to “Friday October 20th 2017”

  1. Keith Price Says:

    Thanks to all at Rhyl folk club for putting up with me.


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