Friday October 27th 2017

With a large contingent of singers to wade through, EmCee started promptly. I croaked my froggy larynx through three, before Mike rescued the night with the lovely “Aragon Mill”. Spot him cutting a dash in his surfer’s bomber jacket (as opposed to the jihadist bomber jacket).

Mel must have spent most of the summer learning Gaffer Ferris’s “11 malevolent elephants”. I have to admit that it was easier to understand in standard English rather than Gaffer’s Cornish. Nobody wearing a set of dentures I’d made would stand a chance with this song, not even joining in the chorus.

Adrian denied that he was wearing a Blue Peter badge. He’d remembered to bring the gob iron this week; a short stick dance from Oxfordshire for those who are interested. Nice cuffs on the shirt, Adrian.

Rick and Delora had had better things to do over the last couple of months rather than visit us at Tynewydd. Sadly getting his hair cut hadn’t been one of Rick’s priorities. Rick played a tune he’d been writing for about 30 years; Ludwig Van would have been proud of it himself.

Jeff was on his best behaviour as he had family in the room, so there were no updates on his gastro-intestinal or urino-genital health. His first song was “Blue Moon”. Janet once told me that Sadie was conceived while this song was playing. The song barely lasts 2 minutes. His second was “Shady Grove”, with the wonderful line “”44s around her waist” – she should have worn a bra.

T Gwyn had become a grandfather again. A truly depressing poem about dementia preceded Betjeman’s “Wendy’s Party”

Brian took us to the break. The last couple of weeks had been tough for him and we were surprised but delighted to see him tonight, even with his concertina. He entered into the spirit of late October by wearing a scary Halloween mask all night. One of his offerings was “Lord Thomas (wasn’t he Speaker in the House of Commons?) and Fair Eleanor” which you can hear at the end. Not one you’d sing to the grandchildren at bedtime.

Alun wasn’t there tonight. He’d been grave visiting in Belgium with sister Val (no, it’s his sister, she’s not a nun). Either he’d altered his watch a week too soon or the ferry set off early. Either way he wasn’t on board.

The second half opened with new face Vin, who belted out one with a nautical theme and then one acapella, both wot he ‘ad writ ‘imself , to boot.

Almost time for a round each. EmCee’s timing was thrown out by the appearance of Geoff Durno at about 10.40. He’d been playing on the swings with his imaginary friends and had forgotten about the time (not unlike Alun).Whatever the time, Geoff is always a treat, and he rounded off the night for us.

Clocks go back tonight (unless you’re reading this on “catchup” and it’s a singers night next week. We understand that Roly’s on the mend.

Here’s Brian, with gratuitous violence and scenes you may find upsetting.


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