Friday 3rd November 2017


Mike has a ritual  warm up to his spot; swig from his bottle (what would his mother have said), cough up some phlegm, then desperately try to remember the first line. Maybe if I went through the same ritual I’d be able to avoid all the bum notes. There will be more about phlegm later. “Water is wide” was the pick of the bunch for me.

Alun had eventually returned from Belgium, where he’d been grave visiting with his big sister. His first offering was McTell’s “Maginot Waltz”, which included an impressive “A9th with an augmented 5th” chord, which he’d learnt from EmCee.

Adrian is still suffering from a multi personality disorder. He was snapped by AWR a couple of weeks ago dressed as an Irish ice cream salesman, pretending to be a Jedi knight. He’d had a haircut again this week (why?). When asked by his coiffeur how he would like his hair cut, he usually replies, “In silence”. The gob iron tune should have been a long stick dance (with double stepping!), but it turned out to be something else. Our disappointment was tangible.

My first song was “Maggie”, written for a lady suffering from TB. It’s possible that I may have mentioned the theoretical presence of a bowl of infected mucous by her bed. EmCee expanded on this and launched into  a fascinating discourse on the historical use and construction of sputum pipettes in the path lab. Riveting stuff.

The only person able to follow this was of course Jeff. His (very) old gag about the bloke drinking the spittoon in a pub was proving too much for Val and Glenys, who were by now looking far from well. He probably sang a couple of songs but I have no recollection.

T Gwyn told the Frank Crumit story of Abdul Abulbul Amir and then a bit of class with some Byron.

Vin returned again to give us a second helping of songs wot ‘e ‘ad rit. Very good again. I don’t know if he’s local, but it was good to see and hear him again.

After the break we had a spot from our favourite sailor Andy Gallagher. He’d brought a capo but no guitar.

Time for a couple more each, with Jeff and Alun rounding off one of the best nights we’ve had for a while.

Parish Notices :-

The Festive bash will be on the 15th December, with butties and the like. The hall is unavailable on the 22nd and 29th, so we won’t be there.

AWR says the second club cd will be available in 2 weeks time (17th), a bargain at just a tenner, all profits going to Rhyl Life Boat (RNLI). Buy half a dozen and your present list is sorted. I’ll try to get some details on the website before then.

Finally here’s Alun singing for his great uncle. Whatever you do, don’t miss this one. Sorry, I can’t get it to embed, but this link will take you there.



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