Friday 10th November 2017

EmCee welcomed everyone on what was to be our Armistice Day event, and proudly showed off his vest, which he said he would now be wearing till March. It will no doubt need to be chipped off him with a sharp chisel at that point.

Adrian’s tune was a short stick dance (we’re pissed off with the long stick ones) about “bean setting”. He can be seen here demonstrating the very one on Bangor pier. Germination was described as “erratic”.

I followed on with “England 1914” (McTell) and “The Soldier”; a lovely song despite being written by Chris De Burgh. Thank you all for doing your bit with the chorus this time.

Mike always digs out “The Green Fields of France” on these occasions, and why not – he makes such a cracking job of it. It will be on at the end of the blog.

EmCee was bewildered by the fact that his gardening group were unable to shift stuff like kale, kohlrabi and chard. This was his recurrent theme for the night; maybe it’s because they’re awful, Andrew?

Jeff was upsetting Val again with his stories. This week he was doing things in the back of a taxi. Don’t ask. Nice set however.

Alun was sounding like one of the chest clinic’s failures. Once he’d shifted the looser stuff he sang a song he’d written (and won £25 in a competition for it) 30 years ago. A lovely rendition of “Where have all the flowers gone” to follow made a fine set. Alun has never been married to Lulu, but he was once in her backing group, “The Luvvers”.   His favourite milk is Gold Top.

Sheila doesn’t get up to read to us as often as she should. “Dulce Et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen left us pretty stunned. It is also available on Soundcloud.

Dafydd, making his debut up front, also read some Wilfred Owen. I was expecting something in Cymraeg, but there you are. Well done that man.

We were possibly a bit relieved to have some light relief with the beer break.

The second half was in a much lighter vein. Adrian was singing about syphilis and veg. (That’s what you get from eating kohlrabi!).

The new club cd will be on sale next week, so bring your tenners. It contains songs with a vaguely nautical theme and all profits are going to the RNLI. Full details and extensive “sleeve notes” are available via a link on the homepage of this website or just click on  if that’s too difficult for you.

Here are Mike and Sheila.


One Response to “Friday 10th November 2017”

  1. Michael Hawkins Says:

    Thank you John, it was a surprise to see us both on the blog

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