Friday 17th November 2017

Ruth had been down at the bingo all afternoon and Andrew’s tea wasn’t on the table when he got back from the allotment. Following the ensuing “domestic”, both had to be hospitalised, so it was once again left to AWR to compere the evening.

This gave him ample opportunity to plug the new club cd (yours for a tenner – profits all going to the RNLI). Details (including mail order!) at

He opened the night with the star turn for a change. Val was accompanied by her little brother Alun, the born again Welsh evangelist. Young Alun claims he was once served in Aldi by Bryn Terfel on the checkout. His favourite sandwich filling is leek and laverbread. Bighearted as ever, she even let him do one on his own.

Geoff Durno could only stay for the first half – obviously he was on a promise. Listening to Geoff is like letting a hot shower play on the back of your neck; all your worries and aches and pains melt away.

Mike was back to his cool look with the bomber jacket. There were a few attempts at imitating a force 10 gale from the naughty children at the back during “Rolling Down To Old Maui” but that didn’t detract.

Vin must have nothing better to do on a Friday and we’re always pleased to see him. “Black Dog Blues” was about drug addiction rather than a cute little Labrador puppy. A wrist slasher.

Adrian’s outfit must have been chosen for him by Liz tonight as he was completely colour coordinated. He sang about a naked lady swimming in the outback in Australia. “Bush” was mentioned on more than one occasion. His tune was a no – stick dance.

We are still in the first half! A couple from me which I assure you were “shit hot” in the kitchen this afternoon; the nerves seem to be getting to me again. Must drink more.

Jeff was upset ‘cos Vin had sung “Peggy Gordon” and he’d planned on doing it. He did “Poverty Knock” instead, which was, to be honest, a better bet for him – great chorus to join in with plenty of  knockers.

To take us up to the break we had newcomer to the club Geoff Skellon, with a fine Lancashire accent. He managed “Three ha’pence a foot” without the aid of a book. Sorry about the photo Geoff, not my best work, but you stayed very close to the microphone.

In the raffle Andy Gallagher won 2 prizes despite having only 1 ticket. With a bag of spuds and 6 free range Beniar eggs he probably had a chip butty when he got home.

T Gwyn opened part 2 with Adrian Henri’s “Mrs. Albion, you’ve got a lovely daughter”; lots of stockings and suspenders and stuff like that. What happened to the Liberty Bodice?

Mel was a bit early with talk of office parties and had a song to go with it. He also sang “Sally  Free and Easy”, which you can hear again if you shell out a tenner (old notes still accepted) for a cd.

The final spot of the night was Andy Gallagher. When not being a fireman, Andy has spent much of his life at sea, so he said the last thing he wants to do is sing about it.(Probably means that being a Scot and genetically “careful” with his money, he will try to cadge a bootleg copy of the cd from someone). He did a couple of Johnny Cash songs; the first one, about a stay in rehab., got my vote for the most depressing song of the night. Always good to see you Andy.

At 10.30 there was only time for a couple before Alun and Jeff finished the night. Everyone went home with a smile. Some went home with a promise and others with the promise of a chip butty. AWR has put a recording of Geoff Skellon reciting “Thomas Stroud’s Ghost” on Soundcloud for your perusal.



One Response to “Friday 17th November 2017”

  1. Mister Gallagher was not that “careful”. The tenner he gave me wasn’t even fake! Mind you, for him, the RNLI is like the AA (other car battery suppliers are available).
    (He also won John’s loaf, not John’s eggs, which T Gwyn won).

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