Friday 24th November 2017.

I was the one who had floated to the top of EmCee’s list (like something in a septic tank) and had to start. Looking in front of me, I could see that Glenys and Carol still had red eyes after crying all week following the news of the death of their teenage heartthrob David Cassidy. David’s poster on their bedroom walls has been replaced by a life size photo of the naked recumbent form of the folkie beefcake Keith Price, with a melodeon tastefully covering the naughty bits. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Keith here for the festive bash on the 15th? (hint for you Keith).

Geoff Durno followed, giving us a history of his current medical problems. The gist seemed to be that he’d had an erection but wasn’t able to see it. There seems to be some evidence of amnesia also. Very nice O’Carolan tune (Planxty Irwin?).

Brian was wearing far too much denim. He sang “The Bonny Light Horseman”, one of my favourites which you can hear on Soundcloud and “Could it be forever” as a tribute to the late aforementioned Mr. Cassidy.

Adrian sang something nautical before enthralling us with yet another long stick dance. This week “Phil the Greek” has celebrated 70 years of living a life of ease and luxury on the back of the British taxpayer (Other opinions may be available but probably not at Tynewydd). Mr. West gave his own views on the royal family – Alun passed me a note which read “Inciting Regicide”.

Mike sneaked three in, but to be fair, “The Oggie Man” (a pasty seller from Plymouth) was very short (but still a treat). “Santiano ” got us all singing.

Alun had been in Yorkshire again this week, but had been expelled as he wouldn’t lend them any money (show me a Yorkshireman and I’ll show you a man claiming to be skint). Alun once saw Lulu at a service station on the M6. His favourite sandwich filling is Whalemeat Sausage (they’re fish aren’t they?).

T Gwyn took us to the break with the ever popular “Gunga Din. It looked like being a breadless raffle but Aussie John (30 points to 6 last weekend makes 5 games in a row to England) nipped out and bought a loaf from the corner shop. However this now means people will be expecting their raffle loaves to be sliced and containing proper chemicals that will make it last a month. £5 Raffle tickets went on sale for the bottle of Vintage Cask Glenfiddich (sweet & smoky, aged in European oak and ex-bourbon casks, retails at £65 to £70) kindly donated by Steve Jones. The winner will be drawn on December 15th. It won’t be Rick.

John Killion started the second half with one about Old Bill, who enjoyed ill health (lungs bubbling with phlegm).

Rick, who need not buy a whisky ticket if he wants to see Christmas, left Delora in her seat and sang “Ride On”. Get a bloody haircut.

This left Jeff to finish the first round. His was a very high energy set, possibly due to a surfeit of chocolate consumed in the break as some of the prizes were circulated amongst the needy.

Only time for one more each tonight. Hopefully next week will see Nick Jackson and Andy Anderson in our midst. Bring cash! The new club cd is available for just a tenner. Here’s Brian.




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