Friday December 1st 2017.

Lots of returning faces made for a fantastic night at Tynewydd. Brian had thankfully ditched the denim, but sadly not the concertina. Apparently God made the concertina the same day he made the platypus. Having broken a fingernail, Brian said he’d have to play with his pick, although some misheard him as he strapped on his guitar.

Phil Williams sang “House of the Rising Sun”, the first song all guitar players progressed to after Bert Weedon’s “Play in a Day” book back in the 60s.

Mike had dug out his festive jumper. Much too early, but it’s a bit like learning Christmas songs – a lot of effort for something you do once a year. Make up your own gags at this point. “Who knows where the time goes” always gets him in my good books.

The farmyard chorus didn’t surface when I sang “Maid of Llanwellyn” till the last verse, but Glenys always leads the way in “I’ve won the lottery”.

Andy Anderson (the wee teuchter with the harp) had travelled up from Morfa Nefyn for a curry and to drink half my bottle of Bowmore before I tucked him into bed with a story. In between he provided his usual musical treats. Nominated once again for “Braces Wearer of the Year” (not orthodontic appliances). I didn’t think his version of “Caledonia” was as good as mine last week, but other opinions are available and undoubtedly right.

Alun had joined us in the curry house. “Killing me Softly” did not refer to the garlicky breath and was apparently written by Leslie Crowther of “Crackerjack” fame. I may not have been giving his intro my undivided attention.

Nick Jackson had also been to the Indian, so the “aroma” coming from the second row must have been pretty powerful. His  recitation of Ivor Biggun’s “Charabanc Trip” was word perfect, proving his long term memory is in good shape, although like the rest of us he stands at the foot of the stairs wondering if he was going up or had just come down. Little known facts – Nick was the Indian Chief in the Village People. His favourite recreational drug is Sennacot.

Jeff had a carol (too bleedin’ early) and a hymn. He appears to be worried about being resurrected as an insect in any possible next life.

In the raffle, Adrian won a yard long pack of of biscuits. I didn’t see ’em being passed round. Andy won the Cassini – I made sure it was in his car when he left this morning so it won’t be back. Usual smut from Mr. West.

T Gwyn was the only one to touch on the wave of euphoria which has affected us all this week with the announcement of the royal engagement. In the Indian we contemplated the look on Phil the Greek’s face when he sees his  great grandchild – black with curly red hair if the genetics are anything to go by. A truly great night’s entertainment.

We’ve got Tom McConville and Tony Wilson as guests next week and it’s the Christmas do on the 15th.

AWR was busy last night and we have songs from both Nick and Andy for your delight.


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