Friday January 12th 2018

We were all obviously dismayed to hear that President Trump had cancelled his UK visit to open the new embassy in London, but spirits soon lifted. “The money could have been better spent on my new NASA project – a manned mission to the sun” tweeted the president. “Of course there will be problems with the heat”, he continued, “but I have it figured – we’ll go at night. And the Mexicans are going to pay for it”

Brian had floated to the top of the slurry this week and therefore did three to start. Must remember my New Year’s resolution to be nice to him. A stunning set from Brian, as always, including “Sheep crook and black dog”, which we all love so much. Sadly he hadn’t brought his concertina with him this week. The rumour that a grandchild had put a 7 inch blade to the bellows crying “shut the f*** up Grandad!” is completely unfounded. Apart from a few bum notes his guitar work was faultless.

Rick had both a tune and a song both wot he had rit, but no haircut.

Mike was back to an old bobbly jumper and included a home counties version of “Jock o’ Hazeldean”.

Alun arrived with a new blonde he’d picked up on e bay. She had a shapely spruce top and a gorgeous rounded maple derriere. (Maple costs upwards of three ha’pence a foot). His set was entirely Simon & Garfunkel.

Delora was in poem reading mode, with three of her own, including “Never go to Kansas”. I wasn’t intending to.

A couple from me filled in the time before Adrian graced the stage. “William Taylor” – it doesn’t end well for him; “lily white breasts” were the outstanding feature. Following last week’s “diaspora” argument, tempers were running high and a scuffle broke out with the ex pathologist re. the pronunciation of “itinerant”.

T Gwyn put us straight on the appalling levels of corruption involved in sheep dog trials. He had Betjeman again, but a clean one.

The break was upon us. There has been a noticeable absence of preserves in the raffle for the last 11 months, but there was new season Seville marmalade on offer tonight. Shreds were evenly distributed and said to be fully cooked.

We thought the “Snowball” would run for weeks till it was won, but Adie’s number was drawn from the bag and the lucky bugger went home with a tenner. This means it’s back to a fiver next week.

Jeff opened part 2 with “Poor wayfaring Strangler” (I missed Ted’s touch on the tambourine) and something with a bit too much “God” for my taste.

“Time for sets of 2 each if there’s no twiddlin’ ” said EmCee. And so it came to pass.

Over the festive period, AWR had filled his time, when he wasn’t praising the Lord for the gift of his only begotten son, by scanning archive material left by Darryl. If you have any old photos or other material relating to the club, please see Andrew. The stuff we’ve already got can be seen on  

We’ve decided to have “theme nights” where performers include material from a chosen category. Ruth has picked “Humorous Songs” for February 9th. Singers be aware.

A contingent went to see Mel at Ellesmere Port last week – here is EmCee’s summary.

Seven go mad in Ellesmere Port.
The venture scout group of RFC were out and about last Thursday. We were off to the Hungry Horse Folk Club on Wirral to see Club favourite Mel Barratt’s big spot and help to raise money for Claire House at the same time. We were made very welcome at a cracking venue with loads of community uses. There are bars, squash courts, 5 a side, multi rooms and more more more. We hope to go and see Richard Digance on Feb 15th. There was a standard sing around including our own Mike Hawkins and Mel was as good as ever. Brown Owl Glenys was in charge with Akela Val supervising badges. John got his badge for “sitting still “and I was successful in the award of “ordering two different hot drinks at the same time”. Proper beer and a warm welcome, made for a really good night, and £170 for Hope House. Brown Owl is busy plotting a trip to the Mucky Duck soon. Come and join us.

It’s been a lengthy blog this week so you probably won’t want to listen to this tosh.


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