Friday January 19th 2018

It was good to see some old faces back this week (ok, all the faces on a Friday night are old and have seen better days). Colin was there without mandolin (poorly fingers) and Jenny was present, still with a limp. I kicked her in the other shin which improved her gait.

Jeff was “top turd” this week. I can’t remember what he sang but he started off with a minute of silence so we could all listen to Glenys on her phone outside. I love it when women talk dirty.

Alun was accompanied by his tarty Washburn and had some Tom Paxton, while I opted for the famous Jewish Scotsman, Rabbi Burns.

Mel had graciously brought me the leftovers of a Christmas raffle prize – a 1/4  of his bottle of Scotch. Sadly the bottle only started off as a miniature, but I suppose it’s the thought that counts.

He sang a bit of a weepy Pete Abbot song, and informed us that it was EmCee’s birthday. I’m not saying how old he is but he’s hoping for a sexual position of the same number.

AWR hasn’t given me a track from tonight, but I’m putting on an old version of the standout song of the night, from Geoff Durno at the end.

Adrian was fairly predictable this week with gratuitous random violence, a long stick dance and smut.

Pat Brookes won the snowball, but as she hasn’t been for a long while, it rolls over next week. I miss Pat. She had been a club stalwart for years and was always the best dressed pensioner Rhyl has ever produced. Come back, all is forgiven.

T Gwyn had John Lennon’s “Deaf Ted, Danoota and me”; obviously a poem from the 60s when it contains the line “Burnley 10 Aston Villa 3”. I think I was at Turf Moor for that.

This is the bit where my New Year resolution kicks in.

We now reached the climax of the show (hold yourself back, EmCee!) when Brian strode manfully on to the stage. Ignoring the hecklers and yobs at the back (and the middle and a few at the front), he entertained us with a song about poaching, a topic which we all hold close to our hearts. When he brought his concertina out, the cheer could have been heard in Gronant. How Alun must rue the day he picked up an accordion in preference to a concertina. Brian surprisingly still has a few unsold copies of his LP for sale; grab ’em while you can, they will be worth a fortune when he pops his clogs and he’s no spring chicken.

Rick and Delora managed a set together without a “domestic”.  Rick says he getting a haircut next week. What am I going to write about?

Delora is the only regular singer with two X chromosomes. Come on girls, let’s have a few more of you strutting your stuff.

EmCee had timed it to perfection with a second round of “ones” and just time to say “Goodnight Irene”

If you’ve got a big pile of ironing to do, have a look at “Material from the club archive” (right hand side of this website’s Homepage) and look in “Recordings” for a video of the 1995 Christmas do. I seem to have been edited out.

Otherwise here’s Geoff with one of my favourites.





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