Friday January 26th 2018

Growing old is inevitable ( or the alternative isn’t very good), but growing up is a choice. Tonight showed that the Tynewydd crowd have chosen to opt out of the latter.

After consulting his notebook, Em(the system)Cee decided that Adrian was top of the slurry. Three songs from him interspersed with AFMD (work it out) on gobiron. An impressive  start.

I followed next, still armed with the mistaken belief that hard work and practise can overcome mediocrity.

Mike had rid himself of the staphylococci which had plagued him last week and appeared Lazarus like before us with a new song. His crib sheet had only to be removed from his pocket once ( with the obligatory “Oh S**t!) . The song called “Month of January was accompanied by somebody’s phone receiving a text. Turn the buggers off!

Geoff Durno sang Hobo’s lullaby, followed by the Harvey Andrews song where you lose the rhyming then the timing etc. He also lost the plot and was escorted to a secure establishment by two burly men in white coats.

We had a minutes silence for Brian, who had been found guilty of poaching and had been transported to Lobotomy Bay, at least I don’t have to write nice things about him this week.

Alun had “Perhaps Love” and “Ar Lan y Mor”. The latter isn’t AWR’s favourite and he chose to listen to the aforementioned Mr. Bull’s “Sheep crook and black dog” on his headphones in preference.

It hadn’t been a good week for Jeff on the medical front, having trouble with either his testicles or his “Chalfonts”. Anyone who confuses the two has problems.

“I’m in the jailhouse now” with the house joining in with the yodelling was probably the start of the slippery slope.

T Gwyn briefly brought some sense of decorum to the proceedings, but it wouldn’t last.


The Snowball was won by John Williams. Or it would have been if he’d been there. It now rolls over next week to 1500p! You’ve gotta be there to win it.

I can’t remember who the unfortunate was who won the Bombay Pot Noodle in the raffle, but thankfully it wasn’t me. The Alfrescos were back to their old tricks and needed a Transit van (other white vans are available but don’t have the same kudos) to get their booty home.

The second half was an absolute cracker, but not for those of a delicate disposition, with Alun and Jeff eventually finishing off.

Advance notice of a couple of “specials” :-

9th Feb Songs about the upper arm (Humerus Songs)

23rd Feb – extended spot from “Clinging to the wreckage” (Alun & Jeff)

I’m not here next week as I’m booked to sing “Flower o’ Scotland” before the match in Cardiff, so you might get a decent resumee of the evening from AWR .

Alun as on top form last night (as was everyone, to be honest), so here’s one of his offerings.



2 Responses to “Friday January 26th 2018”

  1. A pedant (if only we had one of those) would point out that AFMT fits the circumstances better. Adrian restrained his urge to Dance and only played a Another Fantastic Morris Tune.

  2. AFMD = Adrian’s Friends’ Morris Dancing, surely!?!

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