Friday February 2nd 2018

Last weekend John Shepherd had to endure Strictly On Tour and this week he has to support Nicola Sturgeon in the Six Nations so it falls to me to provide a résumé of goings-on this Friday.

Firstly, and sadly, we have heard from Veronica’s family that she passed away this week. A card was circulated during the evening, for messages of condolence. (It will be available next week too for those absent tonight). Services will be held at Meliden Church, 2PM on the 16th.

Mike Hawkins rose like cream to the top of Emcee’s list. It is a pleasure to report that the pipes are once again in pristine condition. All Things Are Quite silent, As I Roved Out & Canadee-i-o were all faultless.

Alun Rhys Jones’ recently acquired Washburn continues to impress. The Lass of Glenshee is a long song but the twiddling was excellent. Staying with the Scottish theme, Alun followed with Leezie Lindsay (other spellings are available).

Mr West was called upon next. Lemony from the singing of the Copper Family (Sussex) and Buy Broom Besoms (North East, not Norfolk) were separated by the customary morris tune; Laudanum Bunches being a long stick, double stepping (1-2-3-hop) dance from Adderbury (Oxfordshire).

Jeff Blythin wanted to follow you down and was willing to do anything in this God-almighty world if you’d just let him. Nobody accepted his offer. However, his plan to do Ted Robshaw’s version of Huddie Ledbetter’s ‘Keep Your Hands Off Her’… Inspired!

Rick and Delora Harding have added The Night The Chinese Restaurant Burned Down (Sylvia Tyson) to their repertoire. That was followed by Drinks (I would have preferred a Cup of Tea).

It doesn’t take a new year’s resolution for me to be nice about Brian Bull. Yarmouth Town and Tommy’s Gone To Hilo were both well sung and well played and got the audience singing along.

T Gwyn reprised Frank Crumit’s The Pig Got Up And Slowly Walked Away and the Robert Service epic, The Cremation Of Sam Magee.

No sooner had T Gwyn left the stage, but he was summoned back to receive his £15 Snowball winnings and a handshake from Emcee.

After the beer break we had the rare treat of a bit of poetry from Sheila Hawkins (It was a blue moon this week). Two from Dr Maya Angelou: ‘I know why the caged bird sings’ & ‘Still I rise’.

There being time for two more each Mike Hawkins lead the charge with Geordie and Loving Hannah. Alun was still in Scottish waters with Islay and Mingulay. The latter prompted Emcee to explain the term ‘cran’. In the interests of accuracy, this link will give you a more comprehensive (if less comprehensible) definition:

Lovely Joan and Cruising Round Yarmouth admirably demonstrated Mr West’s ability to lower the tone. That’s usually Jeff’s job but not tonight. Tonight he was all Dylan and Ledbetter: Days of 49 and Midnight Special. Fantastic stuff!

After Rick’s version of Tom Ame’s Prayer (Steve Earle), Brian got the job of rounding off an already superb session. It was the first outing for a new (to him) song called The Xmas Truce. He tried to get away with finishing off with Three Drunken Maidens but Ruth insisted on one more so… All together now… “Farewell to Princes’ landing stage. River Mersey, fare thee well.”

Instead of a track of the week, here’s Maya Angelou reading Phenomenal Woman (because it was Veronica’s favourite):

Don’t forge that next Friday is the comedy theme night, featuring the welcome return of Mike Hawkins’ joke and of your regular correspondent: He with the countenance like the short end of a bisected camel.

Goodnight and joy be with you all.

Andrew The Younger



2 Responses to “Friday February 2nd 2018”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Great blog, Ruthie… JS & AWR had better watch out…!

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