Friday February 16th 2018

Mr Shepherd has entrusted me with the blog once again (Fool!) because he’s in Columbia, which is home to more species of birds than any other country, and to the legend of El Dorado.

As Mr Blythin was helping the police with their enquiries (regarding something terribly inappropriate involving Cherry B, back in the 70’s) I got to twiddle knobs too!

Fully recovered from his bout of man-flu, Mr West was appointed to the vanguard, leading us off with The Old Orange Flute. It was destined not to be the only song tonight that courted controversy. To Be A Farmer’s boy is always popular as is The Rigs Of London Town. Our sparse but dedicated audience joined in with both.

Mike Hawkins’ nicked one of JS’s songs ‘cos ‘e’s away: In The Early Morning Rain. Rolling Down To Old Maui got the audience involved again.

Alun Rhys Jones got all excited about some girl at the hiring fair and made another attempt at The Little Pot Stove. This week, he got through it. Da iawn, Alun.

Mel Barratt’s lili Marlene (in German) was truly lovely. The song about the vicar and the choirboy was funny but I felt guilty for laughing at it after all the coverage of Barry Bennell this week.

Andy Gallagher made one of his too rare visits, had to use the club guitar (That’s like having to do P.E. in your underpants ‘cos you forgot your gym kit.) and warmed up with a poem that required linguistic legerdemain worth of Mr Barratt. One from Elvis and one from Merle Haggard earned Andy a tick VG from Emcee.

T Gwyn took us to the beer break with Myfanwy and Mandalay. Myfanwy is still on our soundcloud  and there’s a link in the notes to an interesting article about Betjeman’s muse, Myfanwy Piper.

The raffle was dry (on the plus side: no Lambrini) and the snowball was not won, rolling over to 300 shillings next week.Emcee had a plan. He assured us of this. Even after the fact, we’ve only got his word for it because there was precious little evidence of planning.ARJ was scheduled to start and finish the second half. After the lovely Hanes Yn Y Lluniau, he went and spoiled it all with Arrgh Lan Y Mor. Why is there never a flat battery when you need one?Mike told us what he really thinks about gypsies before singing Freeborn Man. A memory lapse midway through The Auld Triangle earned him Expletive Of The Week.Mel’s optimism knows no bounds: He still expects our audience to do the chorus of She Never Got A Name Right In Her Life. After we mangled that one for him, he found our level perfectly with The Annual Cartoon Characters Ball.


Geoff Skellon was back with more Lancashire dialect poetry. Tonight he had clogs on his mind.

Andy Gallagher did a Bernard Wrigley poem: Knocking Nelly. This is not to be confused with the song of the same name. Carrickfergus completed Andy’s stint.

Mr West, eschewing beer for Lent, contented himself with singing it’s praises: John Barleycorn.
South Australia woke up the audience again, only to disappoint half of them because it wasn’t that song about Australia: The one where the maids are all handsome and gay.

This is the point where ‘the plan’ was abandoned. ARJ was pressed into service for a third stint, getting all emotional over the Maginot Waltz and the euphemistic Sweet Nightingale. However, with a surplus of time, Emcee negotiated two more from Mel. Mel’s medley of sixties songs is sheer genius.

Next week, Clinging To The Wreckage will be doing an extended spot but don’t let that put you off coming along.

Goodnight and joy be with you all.

Andrew the Younger.


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