Friday March 9th 2018.

The snow had melted (at least on the coast), Tynewydd has a new boiler, I was back from Colombia with a new cocaine supplier and we had special guests “Wet The Tea”. All was well with the world (till we drew the Snowball number).

Brian admitted he was using the club solely as a practise ground for a forthcoming (cash in pocket) WW1 event and rightly got some abuse. He was wearing a Chuck Berry 1992 Tour t-shirt; how that man looks after his clothes.

Alun sang a hiraeth song which had the Welsh speakers crying in their beer before suggesting that his O’Carolan tune “Fanny Power” was in some way connected to International Women’s Day. Mike cheered us up with “Streets of Forbes” where the bloke gets shot to pieces, and there was the usual forgettable spot from me. It would get better.

Guests WTT consisted of Andy1, playing banjo and bouzouki, young Kieran (maybe Ciaran?) on bodhran and what Alun assures me is called a Cajon (with an accent on the “o”), a sort of bass drum in the form of a wooden box, and Andy2 who did the banter and the singing as well as playing guitar, whistles and flute. You don’t need to be Brain of Britain to suss out that this was an Irish influenced band.

Overall we had a good mix of songs and tunes, with faultless musicianship; signs of a mis-spent youth practising instruments when they should have been out playing footie, robbing houses or shagging the girl from number 23 who’d do the business for a tube of Smarties.

“Parting Glass” was probably my favourite of the night, but some of Andy2’s own songs were also excellent – well above the level of the average “here’s one wot I ‘rote on Wednesday when my dog died” which we so often get. AWR has selected one of these for our track of the week which you can hear when you’ve trawled through this drivel.

A high powered “Early Morning Rain” (not as good as my version, but other opinions are available) took us to the break.

The 5 Alfrescos each won a raffle prize. Come on, that’s just taking the piss! Worse was to come. Adrian West won the 2000p Snowball. Go through his pockets, Liz, to eek out the housekeeping or he’ll booze it away.

Part 2 started with Geoff Durno who played a Mozart waltz with Brian on concertina. Presumably to make our guests sound even better than they were.

Jeff sang two in A minor (that’s a key, Andrew) – presumably he’d learnt a 4th chord this week. Jeff, to be fair, had done an excellent job with the sound this week and gets a House Point; getting the levels right for such a variety of instruments is no easy task.

Adrian’s windfall had not gone down well with the audience and he received a “mixed reception” when he got up for a couple of songs.

A second stonker of a set from WTT finished off the night, sending home lots of smiley faces, despite the outcome of the raffles. I would be very surprised if we didn’t have them back next year.

It’s a requirement that we tell you that the AGM is on the 20th April. You’ve been told.

Here’s “Wet the Tea”



3 Responses to “Friday March 9th 2018.”

  1. It’s a pity ARJ didn’t pass the audition. I thought he did an excellent version of their song “England’s Motorways”.

  2. jonesthephones Says:

    Great night… Cajón, I believe you meant to say

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