Friday 16th March 2018

A bottle of “Famous Grouse” had been brought in for the “sound man”, but as Jeff wasn’t there, it went into the raffle, but more of that later.

I opened with three with an Irish theme (Paddy’s Day 17th), while the latecomers shuffled in.

It’s always good to see Terry McKenna and always better to hear him. Take a cloth to your guitar, Terry – look at the fingermarks! There’s one of his songs at the end of the blog.

Adrian had disregarded all the begging letters and was still gloating with the untouched £20 in his pocket from last week. He did the Dunne song, as it were.

Alun was all set to do “Spanish Lady”, but I’d beaten him to it. When we were kids, liquiroce was known as “Spanish” – what was that about? Was it just a Lancashire thing? “Adieu Sweet Nancy” was a better replacement.

Mike had a new song, called “Last Trip Home”, about the demise of the big farm horses. I regard all horses as vicious, unreliable animals. However when cut into 1 inch cubes, dusted in flour, well browned and done for 6 hours in a low oven with wine, stock and the usual aromatics, they are meltingly tender. Nice song and I’m sure you’ll be word perfect next time out Mike.

Brian had another t shirt from his collection, heavy with the scent of naphthalene. This one featured “Let it be” so guess the year (sorry, no prizes).I enjoyed tonight’s WW1 ditty “When this bloody war is over”, although the original wasn’t “bloody”, but some of Brian’s audiences may be more sensitive than the one at Rhyl. He rounded the song off with “The Last Post” on his concertina. Alun assures me (and he knows this sort of stuff) that this was the American version of “Last Post”. May need to change it Brian.

Geoff Skellon’s Lancashire dialect set went down a storm last night. I can offer a translation service for a very reasonable fee.

That took us to the break. Jeff won the Snowball but wasn’t there so it rolls over to a Grand next week.

The whisky. We couldn’t bloody believe it. Adrian bloody West won it. Makes Jacob Zuma look above board.

T Gwyn gave us Adrian Henri’s “Tonight at Noon” and some Betjeman before we launched into a second set each.

Lots of chorus songs from everyone, notably “Molly Malone” from Alun and “Rose of Allendale” from Brian. Adrian sang “The Barley Mow”, which contained nearly all the Imperial liquid measurements, except “firkin”; a surprise, as Adrian’s songs almost always contain some sort of firkin or other.

EmCee was waxing lyrical about his new book, “The History of Cholera”, but he didn’t give away the ending for those who were still to read it.

Don’t forget the club is closed on Good Friday and the 54th Anniversary (with butties) will be on the 6th April. The “raison d’etre” of the club now sadly seems to be merely the support of Adrian West’s lavish lifestyle. April 20th AGM., April 27th, Kimber’s Men.

Here’s Terry.


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