Friday March 23rd 2018.

Much of the first half was taken up by EmCee’s Parish Notices re. the AGM and 54th Anniversary bash, but Alun eased us in musically with a couple of gentle ones with guitar before launching into “One black one, one white one…” (Ash Grove) running in to a jolly little ditty about forced childhood emigration to Oz.

Jeff’s not a well man as we know, but he also discussed many of his physical problems, notably his prostate examination by a German doctor. I quietly suspect he may have enjoyed it, despite his comments. The photo shows him reliving the moment when the finger went in. Nice set.

Mike sang “Courting is a pleasure” (but not as great as a quickie behind the bike shed) and later “Lord Franklin”, but the 3rd verse must have got lost on the ice.

It took considerable time to explain to Brian that he didn’t actually have to stay up till 1.00am tonight to move his clocks forward, but he seemed unconvinced. A new addition to his repertoire was Jez Lowe’s “The Wrong Bus”; almost certainly the only comedy song ever written about the Battle of the Somme, but which really works.

I’d been having trouble with Natwest this week, and Ralph McTell’s “Red Sky” contrasts the hard, barely scratching a living life of the hill shepherd with that of the overpaid couldn’t-give-a-monkey’s tossers with their mega bonuses bankers. It’s ok, I feel better now.

T Gwyn wasn’t happy about his granddaughter being brought up in Reading (other faceless towns are available) and probably never to be a Welsh speaker, so he indulged himself with a poem in his native tongue about war before letting us all join in with much of “The green eye of the little yellow god”.

This took us to the break where an air of optimism prevailed as the raffle was drawn; Ruth had been sacked as number-drawer and Adrian bloody West wasn’t there. Adrian has used his accumulated winnings to form a heavy metal band known as “Black Iliad”. Last week he discarded his shirt, shaved and oiled his torso and tied a bandana round his head. Now known as “Blade”, he is thrashing a drum kit with (short) Morris sticks. Folk’s loss is Heavy Metal’s gain. Or vice versa? Val drew the numbers but as she purloined a bottle of wine, I doubt she’ll be given the job again. The winner of the Snowball wasn’t there so it rolls over to £15 on the 6th April – THERE IS NO CLUB ON GOOD FRIDAY.

The second half was a stunner, with everyone on top form for a couple each. Amongst a plethora of goodies we were treated to two classic songs; Brian sang “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” whilst Alun did “Streets Of London”. You’ll never tire of either of these songs or hear either delivered as well as they were last night. Alun is on at the end.

No club next week as many will be suffering from a surfeit of chocolate (and others fish?). In the absence of the usual drivel from me to fill in your potentially empty lives, why not investigate the website’s other pages? “Profiles of Personnel” will tell you all about the heroes who turn out rain or shine every week; have a look at “T shirts on tour” to see the corners of the globe where we’ve been to spread the word? Loads of stuff to read on the site, or listen to some classics on our Soundcloud site (via the link on the Homepage). Next clubnight 6th April, 54th Anniversary (with butties).


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