Friday 13th April 2018

Friday the 13th – unlucky for some. Unlucky for Geoff Durno who had to do the opening three. Tonight’s compere was Andrew the younger; Andrew the elder had been for his morning swim when he was caught having a pee in the pool. Apparently the attendant shouted at him so loudly he nearly fell in. He was helping the council with their enquiries and unable to attend. Ruth was down the Bingo. Geoff’s set included a Gordon Lightfoot song I hadn’t heard before, “The old man’s come home from the forest” – not, as Alun thought, about an orang-utan. “Empty Chairs” ended a lovely set.

Mrs. Hawkins little boy had a large and very lively crowd singing with “The old grey funnel line” and a shanty.

With Ruth otherwise engaged, the photos were down to me. As I struggled through my set, I spotted Val moving to my seat and picking up my camera. Not a bad effort for first time I suppose, perhaps a little more attention  to composition, focus and aperture may have helped.

Jeff had been to a “proper” doctor this week; he’d had some physio and no fingers up the bum. He now has a cold however. His second song featured a gob iron solo without the aid of a harmonica. Don’t ever say you don’t get your two quid’s worth at Tynewydd.

Alun was knackered after a busy week tuning pianos. As CEO of North Wales leading piano tuning company, he has been hit hard by the numpty vote on Brexit, as most of the tuners he employs were from the EU, particularly Germany, – one of his songs had the night’s best line – “your pretty little hands cannot handle our tackle”.

T Gwyn had been watching the Games from Down Under (particularly the women’s gymnastics and the beach volleyball). He was inspired to read us some work from Aussie poet Banjo Paterson and then one from Ruddy ‘ard Kipling, the poet on Viagra.

Margaret and Edna managed the raffle without incident, and drew a round of applause when they drew Andrew Pritchard’s number out for the Snowball. Being absent, it will roll over to £25 next week.

AWR gave us the rare treat of one of his poems to start round 2, when we all got a couple each. A visually impaired performer, new to the club sang “Happy Birthday” for Frank – I’m too polite to say his age, but he’ll be 80 if he makes it to next year. Frank still runs his little hardware shop on the corner of Cefndy Road and Vale Road, where he can be seen every morning in his brown cotton coat opening up to sell fork handles, ‘ose , peas etc.

Talking of old gits, does anyone know what’s happened to Brian?

Before I go there was a big “hugs and get well” for Stuart from everyone; we want to see you back at the club fit and well asap.

Next week it’s AGM so try to get there for 7.30 – if we’re not quorate the club folds! Singers night will start about the normal time.

In 2 weeks we have a return visit from Kimber’s Men. This is one not to miss and it will be very busy. Here’s a taster from last year.



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  1. Andrew the Younger Says:

    Since you mentioned German piano tuners…

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