Friday April 27th 2018

The euphoria of the new Royal baby (another benefit scrounger destined to live off the back of the taxpayer) (** other opinions are possibly available) had not swept over Tynewydd. Instead we were all on a high due to the visit of Kimber’s Men, probably Britain’s greatest boy band.  As a proud Northerner, it’s good to see people rise from the mediocrity of West Yorkshire to achieve a modicum of success after spending their lives in the shadow of their much more illustrious neighbours to the west of the pennines.

A capacity crowd was warmed up by myself, Adrian and Alun and then an unexpected treat from the US of A.. Andrea Wild, accompanied by her brother on guitar, sang a couple for us, one, which took me by surprise, was in Welsh. Andrea’s mother was apparently a Welsh speaker. We hope we can look forward to their return, as we always look forward to seeing Helen on her trips from Canada. Serious shoes, Andrea.

Kimber’s Men had braved the motorways from Halifax on a dreich day to entertain us once more. The first half was mainly acapella, but they picked up guitars for their song “Don’t take the heroes” about the loss of the Penlee lifeboat. According to Wikipedia, Neil had been taught to play by Segovia whilst on a caravanning holiday to Doncaster.

With everyone giving it some serious welly in the choruses, it was easy to lose the beautiful harmonies and subtlety that these oversize men put in to their songs, their voices ranging from John, with a bass as deep as the Mariana trench to the relative falsetto of Steve on the other end with Neil and Gareth (voted flat cap wearer of the year 2007) somewhere inbetween. The first half was over too quickly, ending with the well known Liverpool forebitter, “Yellow Submarine”.

The Break. As my regular readers know, I always win buggerall in the raffle. Not this week! My ticket came out for the last prize! The loaf I’d baked in the morning and a small packet of white powder I’d brought back from Colombia last month. The re-draw saw it go to Adrian bloody West yet again; I hope he was stopped and searched by the Old Bill on the way home.

Mike, Jeff (with an excellent gag) and Brian settled us down for part 2, when Steve took the lead (against his will) for “Chicken on a Raft”. I thought they’d have learnt from last year. Another memorable set followed including the sight of Steve pumping his harmonium (not a euphemism) for “Wrecks on the shore”. The final song of the set was “Mingulay” when John brought out a whistle as deep as his voice. Thank you to Kimber’s Men, all the other performers and the audience for a truly memorable night.

AWR has done the video on You Tube of Mingulay, so you can relive the moment; if you find yourself not joining in, I’m sorry, but you’re probably dead. The noise level in the hall was phenomenal – wait for the complaints.

One bit of housekeeping; the treasure hunt looks like it will be on 5th June so keep the night free. If you are doubtful about your ability to steal a car for the night, we can always match up people with places in vehicles. Get ready to join in….



2 Responses to “Friday April 27th 2018”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Who won the snowball? 😉

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