Friday, May 4th 2018

Apologies for absence

John Shepherd is gallivanting again. Harrogate is this week’s exotic travel destination. Fun fact: Harrogate has the strongest sulfur* wells in Europe.

El Toro is at the Upton Folk festival where he’s taking part in the Upton Duck Race. Brian just can’t keep away from those farmyard birds.

Parish Notices

The third and final volume of The Tynewydd Sessions has been approved by the committee. With the centenary of the Armistice approaching, it seems fitting that the theme of Volume Three is soldiers/wars/remembrance and the beneficiary is Blind Veterans UK (St Dunstan’s in Llandudno).

The Folk Club Archive has 68 new photos this week. Some of you might be in them so take a look here ( ) and own up if you spot yourself so that I can add some meaningful labels to the pictures. If you lot have any more photos from the good old days, dig ’em out for us. Thank you.


After last week’s packed house, enthusiastic chorusing and high volume high jinx, tonight was always going to feel… quiet. I need not have worried.

Mr West led the vanguard with William Taylor, The Brisk Young Widow & The Light Dragoon. A trio of tales that could be three chapters of a larger story. The Cotswold short stick dance, Rigs Of Marlow was particularly well played too.

Rick Harding paid tribute to the twelfth president of the United States, General Zachary Taylor, with a song uncannily like Mr Bull’s Stormalong. I think it’s another example of the ‘folk process’ Alun has previously expounded upon. Mike Hawkins took a second crack at The Last Trip Home (about the demise of the working horses), Alun Rhys Jones gave us Ruth’s choice for Track Of The Week: Saints and Sinners followed by Delora Harding and tonight’s first poetical offering: Redemption at 80 miles an hour.

Mel Barratt is back from his holidays and was in fine voice. Timely reminder: Mel, master of mirth, melody and memory is doing an extended turn on May 25th in aid of Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline. This is a charity we’ve been proud to support in the past and we hope to do even better by them this year.

Mr Blythin did not have a bridge moment this week. Defying tradition, he’d made a proper list with five songs on it and joined up writing too! Corrina Corrina was done as well as I’ve ever heard him do it.

Another of Betjeman’s filthy poems from T Gwyn and a Welsh poem about halting the Moorish invasion at Ronseval took us to the beer break.

The snowball was won by Sandra Parry. Did you know that snowball winnings are tax free? It’s true. You get to keep the whole £5.

Maggie Tyler started the second half with more poems from her mother. Geoff Skellon continued the run of poetical offerings with Les Barker’s parody of The Grey Funnel Line, about the Chunnel.
Tonight, Geoff was joined by his brother Peter for a couple of songs about steam trains and pies. Belting stuff.

There was only time for one more from each. Mr West extolled the delights of Cruising Round Yarmouth while Rick and Delora prefer to Have A Cup Of Tea. Mike Hawkins got a round in at Sammy’s Bar and Alun had us crying in our beer over the saddest song he knows: Lisa Lan.
Mel had a Sick Note and Jeff & Jones had a request for Rosehill Fair. They finished the night off with Martha The Watercress Girl, with Jeff’s new choreography. We really don’t have enough interpretive dance at the club.

Singers’ night next week.
Neal and Shereen on the 18th.
Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline charity night, featuring Mel Barratt, on the 25th.

Goodnight and joy be with you all.

Andrew the Younger

*The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) who deal with questions of nomenclature and naming of elements decided in 1971 that the standard spelling is ‘sulfur’, not ‘sulphur’.


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