Friday 11th May 2018

We’ll all be glued to the box tonight to watch Andrew (supported by Ruth on kazoo) as he sings tonight’s UK entry, “Low Lie The Fields of Aberdare” in Eurovision in Lisbon. Another absentee was Brian who after attending an accordion workshop at Upton festival had bought one, but said he needed a further week to perfect the techniques. We had new arrivals however in the form of a group of charming young ladies from China. Naturally, any group of attractive young women would be drawn to the best looking blokes and chose to sit with Alun and myself.

With Andrew the Elder in Portugal, AWR ran the evening – he even nipped out to the chippie to learn a Chinese phrase to welcome our guests (sad but true). The girls did however speak impeccable English (and a reasonable bit of Welsh!).

Alun went in with three chorus songs and we were off to a good start.

Geoff Skellon brought his brother’s home made guitar and actually played it tonight, following with a Rupert Brook poem.

As you may deduce from the photo, Rick sang Barrett’s Private Ears; if the ship sailed to Halifax, did it have to go up the Leeds/Liverpool canal? Delora joined him half way through the next song – I suspect there may have been a “domestic”.

Mike was his usual note perfect self with his Anglicised version of “Jock o’ Hazeldean and the Auld Triangle that went dingle dangle.

The real Mr. Barratt had some truly awful gags, but made up for it with a great song about a woman with a glass eye (other visual impairments are available). Don’t forget Mel will be doing an extended spot for us on May 25th, apparently with his backing group “The Grand Raffle” – all in aid of Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline.

Adrian seemed to be in cheerful mood! Anything to do with the packet of white powder he’d won a couple of weeks ago? His Morris tune was a “clapping ” dance ( no sticks or gonorrhoea. The word “clap” probably came from the French word “clapier”, meaning “brothel”, but you probably knew that). His second song was, as it happens “Rigs of London Town”, about how one should conduct oneself in a brothel.

Moving on.

Jeff was in stunning form on guitar tonight, although to be fair he did point out that any bum notes are less apparent when playing in open tunings (ask EmCee when he’s back). A bluesy set including “See my grave is kept clean”. I will Jeff when I’ve cleared off all the people dancing on it.

T Gwyn took us to the break with “Another country” and some Larkin with some “adult” content.

I won a bottle!! Nice one Edna & Margaret. The bulk of the prizes were Hoovered up by the Asian girls but no one objected (except Glenys of course). The Snowball was won by Sarah Price but as she wasn’t there it rolls over to £10 next week.

I opened part 2, but like everyone else, I’ve erased what I did from my memory banks and Val wasn’t there to take my photo.

AWR cajoled Maggie into doing a poem. This was one written by her mother called “Ode to Birmingham” and had won a prize at the time. Sorry Maggie, I was so engrossed in your mother’s verse I forgot to take a snap with the Instamatic.

Time for almost another round before the big finish.

Housekeeping :- I tried to get round as many people as possible last night re the Treasure Hunt but if I missed you catch me in the next couple of weeks. There are spare seats in cars if you don’t have your own transport – Tuesday June 5th starting from Aldi car park in Rhuddlan at 6 pm or e mail me at the website. We’ll end up at a pub for fish’n chip supper so you don’t need your tea before you go out. We’ve got a room to ourselves so we can have a music session to finish the night.

Next week we have the ever popular “Shereen and the Sherettes” – haven’t seen them for ages, but always one of the highlights of the year. Here’s a taste of Neal and the missus in the back room.


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