Friday 25th May 2018

Tonight we were raising dosh for Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline. Those of us who sat and cried last year when we heard the plight of those lovely kids and compared the hand they’d been dealt in life compared to ours know what a worthwhile cause this is.

The afternoon had seen heavy rain followed by a misty murky evening, but Mel had fought his way through all the caravans on the A55 to do an extended spot for us. The dire weather reminded me that it’s only another 4 weeks before the nights start drawing in again and winter will soon be baring it’s teeth.

Jeff I’ll-work-till-I-drop Blythin was stuck on the M6 (can’t believe he was surprised, it being a Bank Holiday Friday!) so AWR was on the sound. Mike was on first, but it’s difficult to do a balance with an acapella performer.

Geoff Durno’s soft tones and immaculately precise guitar work then dropped my blood pressure several points, till I realised it was me next.

Alun sang the Saw Doctor’s “Everyday” – about girls popping over to England from Dublin for a termination. As I write this the votes are being counted but exit polls look like the law is going to be changed (if you’re reading this on catch-up, you’ll probably know the result but don’t phone in as your vote may not be counted and you may be charged). The Pope will not be a happy bunny.

T Gwyn concluded the foreplay with some total filth from Betjeman called “Senex”.

Time for part 1 of Mel’s Big Spot, (or pustule?). He started off with a song about having sex with sheep, but it went downhill from there; we had songs about such diverse topics as Aldi and muckspreaders, before he made a similar error to Shereen last week and handed out “things-that-shoot-out-and-make-a-noise-when-you-blow-’em” to the mentally incompetent for “Nellie the Elephant”.

The raffle had 16 bottles of assorted wines and spirits, donated by a club member who prefers to remain anonymous, all proceeds going to the charity. The CCL brings a group of children over each year for a month from Ukraine to give their immune systems a break. The area they come from is horrendously contaminated as is most of the food they consume. They almost all have various forms of cancer and life expectancy is very, very low. All the cash raised goes directly for the children – no execs on fat fees here. In the event we have raised a total of £342 this year, so thank you everyone. In case you’re wondering, of course I didn’t win anything in the raffle; even my “thing-that-shoots-out-when-you-blow-it” failed to deliver a noise.

The Snowball number belonged to Shereen. Sorry, a week too late, so it’s £20 next week.

Sheila started part 2 with a moving piece about Chernobyl called “The Banks of the Pripyat”.

Brian and Adrian followed. Adrian’s tune somehow managed to include a word (it sounded like “bollocks”, but I’m sure I must have mis-heard).

Mel then finished off the last 45 minutes, with songs about pirates, chemistry, history, Shakespeare, Cairo and jobsworths. Let us never forget “Joyce the Librarian”. I would have liked Dan Seals’ “One Friend”; maybe next week?

“Sister Josephine” rounded off what was always going to be an extremely entertaining evening. Thanks once more to Mel for brightening up our lives (and doing it for the CCL) and for everyone’s generosity.

Housekeeping :- Mike has sent everyone an e mail re. GDPR regs. If you haven’t seen it, check your spam folder. You must reply to continue to receive notices of forthcoming events etc..

AWR has put “Bottle of the Best” and “Old Bazaar in Cairo” on our Soundcloud page, but here’s “Cairo” on YouTube.



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