Friday June 1st 2018.

He’d kept it quiet, but it’s Alun’s birthday today (Saturday). As a treat he was allowed to go first and win a raffle prize later. His set included “River Run”, one of Ann’s favourites, which was a shame ‘cos she was away poorly. I’ll put it on at the end for you Ann, to cheer you up.

My offerings included a first outing for Steve Earl’s “Billy Austin” – a song I find quite compelling, but sadly this did not appear to be a universal feeling.

Mike put the verses of “Don’t think twice” into “shuffle” mode, but “Lowlands” got us all singing again.

Brian? One with guitar and one with concertina -more about him later.

Homework (to be handed in by next Friday)  -“The concertina could be described as a musical instrument” – Discuss.

Every week Adrian takes his harpoon out of his dirty red bandana and blows a tune, of sorts. It seems to be a pretty similar tune each week and I suspect that all the “long stick dance from Heckmondwike” stuff is complete bollocks. He had a song about British naval incompetence and wondered how our sailors ever won any battles; obviously the French and Spanish (other traditional enemies are available) were even more incompetent.

Jeffrey had eventually got off the M6 and discussed the term “pulled pork”. Let your imagination guide you. Looking at the photo, he must have done a song as well.

A rare appearance from Dafydd. He first read a poem by Thomas Parry Williams, translated into the language of Shakespeare and Wordsworth to make it more palatable. Unlike his shirt, it didn’t get many laughs. He then had a song involving a load of cuckoos. There appear to be three collective nouns for the cuckoo; “asylum”, “cooch” or “family”. As cuckoos are essentially solitary birds I wouldn’t worry about it unduly. The objective of the song seemed to be to prove that not all Welshmen are gifted singers.

No one could be asked to follow that so we had the break.

Glenys won the box of Brillo pads and the not present Sarah Price would have won the snowball so it rolls over next week to £25.





Rick and Delora delivered “Ride On” in their own inimitable style to open the second half.

Last week Mel uncharacteristically fluffed some lines on a Jake Thackray song but made recompense this week by declaring that “he liked a good bum on a woman”. Just for me, as I was disappointed that he didn’t do it last week, he sang Dan Seals’ “One Friend” – this is still available to hear on our Soundcloud site (available with one click from this website’s homepage). I think he wants to have my babies.

Andy Gallagher sails other people’s boats around the world (I believe it’s called “theft”) so he doesn’t get in to see us very often, but it’s always good to hear him.June 1 ag Nice photo, Ruth.

There was not quite time for a round of one each, as somebody spent too long on his introduction. The same person lost what few friends he had when he made a cheap gag at the expense of Glenys. Gorgeous Glenys is a club favourite, sort of the Carol Kirkwood of Tynewydd, especially since she completed the anger management course so this went down June 1 bbnone too well. I understand that an elderly man was admitted to Glan Clwyd just before midnight – on examination doctors found a concertina (still in it’s case) inserted rectally. Horizontally! Police are believed to be looking for a woman with shiny pans and a clean hob.

There may not be a blog next week as I’m in Aberdeen and Ruth is also a doubtful starter (we can’t go on meeting like this, my wife is beginning to suspect).

Treasure Hunt – those participating should be at Aldi car park, Rhuddlan between 5.45 and 6.00 pm on Tuesday. You’ll need £12 for your tea plus beer money and instruments if you’ve got one for a session afterwards.

Here’s Birthday Boy –


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