Friday, June 8th 2018

Tonight, Emcee worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone knew who’d one the treasure hunt (Team Pritchard and ‘tother Val). I’m sure that John will provide a full report when he returns from up north.

The System ™ decreed that it was Rick and Delora’s turn to go first. Things seemed uncharacteristically quiet until we realized the speakers were switched off. Rick also wins the accolade for expletive of the week for his intro to Living With The Animals.

Mr West was quite indignant as he held forth on “the foul calumny in the drivel written by John Shepherd.”. I just hope John knows a good dentist. He’s going to need one.

Jeff Blythin started with Bojangles then murdered (his words, not mine) Bogey’s Bonny Belle.

Mike Hawkins gave us Eric Bogle’s No Man’s Land. Fun fact: Tony Blair once claimed it was his favourite war poem.

Alun Rhys Jones intro’d John Denver’s This Old Guitar with a harmonica. It’s something he does particularly well but which is perhaps a touch out of place in a song about a guitar. There Is A Boat was lovely and got people trying to sing along. Alun was also heavily promoting the new studio album from Neal and Shereen. I haven’t heard it yet but Emcee has and recommends it.

Terry McKenna was back among us. I don’t want your cornbread, peas and black molasses is a much catchier song than the title suggests. We all joined in with Terry’s acapella rendition of Hard Times (which I still think is trite and patronizing. Other opinions are available.)

T Gwyn took us up to the beer break with some Welsh erotic verse and a smutty bit of Betjeman.

The snowball was not claimed and will be £30 next week. I have no idea who won what in the raffle because, I was too busy eating chips with Jeff outside.

Brian and Richard Bull are now a double act. Jeff picked their second song as track of the week. We were all very glad to see that Richard had a bouzouki because, when he walked in with that case, for a horrible moment, we thought it was a banjo.

And last but never least was Mel B (the talented one, not the former spice girl). Emcee used his executive powers to put Mel on for 3. Banjo was a song about a war horse and the cruel fate of his kind. Deeply moving.

There was time left for singles from everyone: Rick and Delora were having drinks before (during and after) dinner, Jeff got all mushy about Spanish and tongues and stuff, Mike lamented Loving Hannah and Terry McKenna went acapella again for the Beauty Of Kashmir before Alun finished things off with another John Wright song, Language Of The Heart.

The gathered throng rounded off a fairly decent night with the Curragh Of Kildare then we all went home (on time!)

Next week we have Risky Business. Those of you who’ve given Mike permission to email you will get more info on that during the week.

If you haven’t given Mike permission to email you (since 25th March) then he really, really can’t. Its the law.

Here are The Bull Boys with Rout Of The Blues:

Goodnight & joy be with you all.

Andrew the Younger


One Response to “Friday, June 8th 2018”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Just for info: “There is a Boat” = “The Water is Wide” – at least it proves I read this “drivel” (sic)

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