Friday June 15th 2018.

Andrew and Ruth had locked themselves in a darkened room to avoid the endless football and had forgotten to come out, which left AWR to MC. and me to take my own photos.

Alun started with another song about nightingales; how come this bird is in serious decline when it is the emblem of philanderers and fornicators? Mike’s set was marred by the sound of police sirens outside. Presumably they were off to Geoff Durno’s after he had left hurriedly having received a phone call informing him that his dog had killed next door’s chickens.

I made a complete balls-up of one of my offerings. No change there then.

Tonight’s guests were “Risky Business”.The trio are comprised of Ruth and Ken Powell and Dave Walmisley. Ruth and Ken live near Vyrnwy where Ken works as a luthier (ie. he makes guitars, and other instruments). Fine examples of Ken’s craft were used during the evening, and the players amongst us were mightily impressed. He even made his banjo. (Yes, we had all the old gags).

Dave now lives in Lytham-St-Annes (the posh end of Blackpool for non northeners) and played guitar and mandolin, but also turned in a couple of his own songs.

The bulk of the singing was done by Ruth – stunning clear, strong vocals, with subtle harmonies from the boys, not to mention the delicious guitar work.

There was plenty of chat and stories, which always goes down well at Tynewydd, but we were amazed when Ruth did her party trick of drinking what appeared to be a spittoon, which she’d attached to the mic. stand.

The break was soon upon us and Jeff, T Gwyn and Adrian provided warm up for the second half.

Full marks to Jeff this week for the sound – really well balanced. (that’s a fiver you owe me).

More from the “Riskies”. Sadly most of the choruses (chori?) were too complex for an audience who had spent most of their schooldays in the remedial class, but we all managed to join in with “The Bare Necessities”.

Overall, I can safely say that “Risky Business” went down very well. Personally I’d have liked a couple of quicker tempo numbers, but that’s in no way any form of complaint so don’t get on my back.

AWR was up half the night (he can ill afford to lose any beauty sleep) to bring you my pick of the night, “Emerald Green” (Waltzing for Victory). I urge you to enrich your lives by having a look at it.

Housekeeping :- From 6th July we will be starting at 8.00 (more importantly to finish for 10.45) . There is a review (in photos and music) of the Treasure Hunt now on the website and also our tee shirts have been popping up in various parts of the world (see “tee shirts on tour” on the homepage).

Thanks once again to “Risky Business” for a thoroughly entertaining evening.


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