Friday June 22nd 2018

With the nights drawing in, some regulars had opted for their fireside, despite the lure of a £35 Snowball. Most had realised that my story about the Pritchards hiding from the football was pure conjecture, when our golden couple were spotted this week being filmed in the new series of “Love Island”. Jeff’s newly acquired multi guitar stand looks to be a good idea.

The absentees will live to learn the error of their ways, but more of that later.

AWR had gone to considerable lengths to link “what happened on June 22nd” throughout history, to our floor spots. First up were “Los Torros”. I’m still unsure about people bringing their children to the club with some of the stuff that goes on. Napoleon’s retreat from Russia was their link and they happened to have prepared “The warlike lads of Russia”. Spooky!

Mike’s link was to the North Passage, as it was  known in days gone by, so he obliged with the Stan Rogers’ song.

AWR’s “on this day” link for me was about the weasely Italian, Bonny Prince Charlie, skulking around the Scottish highlands as a transvestite, having seen his men slaughtered and then buggering off to wait for the French to ship him out. “Summer of (17) 46” it had to be.

Alun sang the lovely “London Danny”. He also reminded us that the charming bunch of Chinese students who were with us a few weeks ago would be with us again next week and would be performing. I thought I’d enclose a newspaper clip of a Chinese bloke in the news recently.

Mr. West had explicit violence, totally unsuitable for children, and then smut – a maiden wanting to play with some bloke’s “awl”. You couldn’t make it up.

So what did the absentees miss?

Just before 8.15 in walked Keith Donnelly. Many of us have seen him perform at festivals. I last saw him years ago when he had a bit more hair (maybe he’d just been to EmCee’s Turkish barber?). I still have a tape cassette I bought, so you can tell how long he’s been around.

Keith does songs, gags and stories, and relies heavily on audience participation, and we got him as a freebie tonight. “Ghost eiders in the sky” – wonderful.

The Break. The £35 Snowball would have been won by a Mrs. Glenys Williams, but whoever she was, she wasn’t there so it rolls over to 40 quid next week.

T Gwyn had some ever popular Betjeman, before Jeff completed round 1 with “San Francisco Bay Blues” This involved a middle 8 where he imitated a kazoo, but it sounded more like a 60’s Trimphone to me.

AWR just put on Alun, and Richard and his dad, so we could squeeze as much out of Keith Donnelly as we could. During “Everyone wants to be a bear” the audience were encouraged to behave like monkeys. For Jeff, this seemed to involve pissing all over Margaret and Edna. I suppose at our age we’re getting used to the smell of stale urine on our clothes, so I hope they weren’t too embarrassed on the bus home.

It’s a shame we were a bit thin on the ground tonight, ‘cos it was a cracker.

AWR has picked Richard and Judy for this week’s track.

Singers night next week plus some music from the Far East.




One Response to “Friday June 22nd 2018”

  1. Andrew Weighill-Richards Says:

    I’m very much obliged to those singers who entered into the spirit of the “On this day…” theme and made my links that bit more relevant. Thank you, gentlemen.

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