Friday June 29th 2018

The club’s Golden Couple, Ruth and Andrew, were back from Love Island; Andrew’s now 3 week old Turkish haircut was actually looking worse – reminded me of Beaker from the Muppets.

Three from me to open followed by Adrian, a vision of loveliness in shades of coral, although “blacking up”, reminiscent of the Black and White Minstrel Show is now considered non pc. Maybe he’d just been in the sun too long.

Alun had some Dylan (the Bob variety), but played too many notes for his own good.

The highlight of the night was always going to be our new found friends from China, who were here to sing for us tonight. From left to right, Wenya, Yuzhen, Cheng and Chao.


To help us out, they projected a translation of the words on to a screen. This looks a wizard wheeze and could be used regularly, as the mentally uncertain audience cannot grasp any chorus more than 3 words long and these days are reduced to simply making animal noises. To be fair they are rather good at the latter.

The girls sang “Jasmine Flower”, from Jiangsu Province (on the East coast, just North of Shanghai area), “The sea is my home”, and songs about lotus picking and Blue and White Porcelain. A very pleasant change from the usual diet of poaching, transportation and thinly veiled ditties about fornication.

When he eventually got the month right, Mike sang about a servant girl put up the duff by her boss (as if to make my case above). “Who knows where the time goes” is always worth the two quid on it’s own.

The first half was rounded off by Geoff Skellon with a nylon strung guitar and the whitest shoes in town.

As usual, loads of goodies and to be fair, a bit of crap, in the raffle. Our Chinese guests had made us some covers for our tea lights and printed (woven?) some wall hangings, as well as bringing assorted gifts. The £40 snowball was won by Adie. You don’t need that good a memory to remember that this is not his first win. I’m not bitter in any way, you understand, but it smacks of dodgy dealings – I may have to write another verse for the “Raffle” song.

The atmosphere was spoilt when a local MP who shall remain nameless, who hasn’t been for months, shamelessly grabbed our guests for a photo opportunity (and probably asked if he could count on their votes if he got them citizenship).

Delora opened part 2 with one of her poems, followed by T Gwyn with another helping of Dylan (this one was the Thomas variety).

Rick drained his memory banks with “Gaffer” Mark Ferris’s song about the causes of WW1. It was Alexander Graham Bell’s fault, apparently.

Jeff had ditched the Trimphone impression for a real kazoo this evening. I’m not sure which was worse. “I’m in the jailhouse now” was accompanied from the floor by some indifferent yodelling and a menagerie of noises (where did the elephant come from?)

There wasn’t quite time for one more each before the scratch band finished off with Sloop John B and Wild bloody Rover. Surely we can come up with something better than that!

Next week and every week thereafter, we will be starting at 8 o’clock (in order to finish at 10.45 – it’s a long story), so if you don’t turn up till quarter past you may miss Alun’s set (a shame) or mine (a result!).

Here are some of our Chinese guests on You Tube, they’re also on Soundcloud.




2 Responses to “Friday June 29th 2018”

  1. Andrew Weighill-Richards Says:

    The elephant came from the House of Commons.

  2. luocheng33536963 Says:

    Reblogged this on LChenginLondon.

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