Friday July 6th 2018

EmCee was quick out of the blocks for our first 8pm start and read a letter from the RNLI thanking us for the £250 raised frim the sales of the last cd.

Everyone seemed to have got there on time – if they’d been late they’d have missed Adrian with his slick new hairstyle – no. 2 on the sides and a wax polish on top. To complement this, he arrived in an outfit from the “Robin Hood Summer Collection” in pastel shades of green from head to toe (or knee). Obviously excited about his forthcoming trip to France (bland food and very overrated wine), his first song was “en Francais”. To go with the outfit, the gob iron tune was Bryan Adams’ “Everything I do”.

Alun (all right John got a new motor?) had a new (to us) offering; a Dougie Maclean song called “The Scythe Song”. Does what it says on the tin. Very nice, especially for a first outing. He’d also added an extra verse of his own, a process called “folking it up”.

Mike had a song about Napoleon on St. Helena. The French accuse us of poisoning him while he was there through arsenic on his wallpaper!  Bizarre but true. These days we’d have used Novichok.

Geoff Durno had returned from praising his dog for killing his unpopular neighbour’s chicken and sang “Green rolling hills of West Virginia” in the style of the late great Mike Hand. I prefer the faster version. Dare I say it would have benefitted from some banjo?

Brian started off well, but as you can see from the photo, he fell asleep half way through the set, so EmCee quietly announced the break.

This was the quietest beer break ever known. We all set about constructing lantern covers left by Wenya and her chums last week.The tension was tangible and Margaret got violent when she shouted “that bastard (Jeff, obviously) scrunched up my lantern” and it spilled out into the street. The £5 Snowball would have been won by David Clough, but he wasn’t present so it rolls over to £10 next week. EmCee had another letter, this time from Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline thanking us for the money raised. The kids will be taken to JD Sports where they will receive a pair of trainers each from our fundraising. Well done again, everybody. Margaret will hopefully be bringing this year’s children down to the club on the 20th (if the police give her bail).

Jeff opened part 2 with an excellent version of “Hesitation Blues”; he’s getting quite nifty with his fingers these days (that’s what Janet says).

I did a couple but my heart wasn’t in it. Someone had stolen the Susan Boyle cd I’d won in the raffle! I haven’t reported it to the police as I would be too upset if it was ever returned – the idea that someone could do such a thing is very disturbing. Apparently a lady with a camera bag claims it was planted on her. It must never reappear at the club or I would be traumatised on ever seeing it again.

Dafydd seems to have a limitless capacity for depressing verse. His Dylan Thomas offering was something about being unable to grieve for a child burnt to death in London.

Time for a round of 1 each before we ended on “Peggy Gordon”; how much better was that than bloody “Wild Rover”?

Next week we have Jez Lowe, back by popular demand after his visit a couple of years ago . By way of a change the clip this week is the late Maggie Boyle doing an interview with Jez. Takes nearly 15 minutes but worth the time. There is nothing that cannot wait, watch it!


One Response to “Friday July 6th 2018”

  1. Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

    Excellent write up John, had me laughing my socks off which considerign I wasn’t wearing nay is a good trick.
    Lord Blythin of Gallt-Melyd

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