Friday July 13th 2018.

A packed room welcomed the return of Jez Lowe – he went down so well 2 years ago we had to get him back. AWR was left to deal with the PA as Jeff had a meteorological disturbance in his guts. Virtually everyone in the room came up with the same gag – “normally he just has verbal diarrhoea” (it’s as difficult to spell as it is to remove from your underwear). Alun was missing with a barbed wire throat and Adrian should have been in France. His flight to the South of France was cancelled due to the presence of Air Force 1 in the sky over London. Not fake news – I couldn’t have made it up. In the event, the belligerent old git cancelled his holiday and presumably went to get pissed with his mates at the Bangor Morris Men’s reunion instead.EmCee got off at 8.00 with Mike, myself and the Bull Brothers as warm up. (Spanish basic error from EmCee – it’s not “El” Toros, it’s “los” Toros in the plural).

Jez started off with three on guitar before strapping on the cittern and gob iron for “Latch key lover”, then mandolin for the ever popular “Wrong Bus”. It’s all too easy to be drawn into the songs and miss the magic coming via his fingers on the strings. As always, lots of catchy choruses throughout, the first half ending with “Black Diamonds”.

In the raffle, Frank won “The grumpy git’s guide to technology”. No need to say more. Margaret Mead would have won the Snowball, but she wasn’t there so it is £15 next week. Steve Jones had come over (with Trump?) from the USA and has given the club a very special bottle of “Sinatra Select” Jack Daniels, which will be raffled at a later date. Many thanks for your generosity once more, Steve. Please take the orange fat bloke with the quiff back with you and don’t bring him here again. Here’s a link to a very funny piece in the Grauniad

Part 2 got under way with some lustful Betjeman from T Gwyn, a couple from Terry McKenna and 5 minutes of my life wasted and lost forever courtesy of John Killion and that awful, tedious “Push the damper in”.

Another crackerjack set from the man from the North East (not Wrexham).Some real gems, including a new song about a Roman Fort unearthed in Newcastle and a frozen soldier buried there for centuries thawed out by a couple of drunks relieving themselves into the dig. Some  dodgy Latin, but very, very funny.

Normally I’d put in a recording of this, but we have to remember that Jez does this for a living so if you want to hear it again, you’ll have to dip into your pockets.

Lots of happy faces going out of the door at the end. Thanks to Jez for coming along  and brightening up our wretched lives. Where else can you get a night of such quality for a fiver? Even the woman who works Parrys’ Corner charges a tenner (reductions for pensioners on a Monday).

Next week is a singers night but we are hoping for a visit from some of the “Children of Chernobyl” for whom we raise funds. This will be a very moving and humbling experience – be prepared to shed a few tears.


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