Friday July 20th 2018

The night began with a visit from the sweet kids brought over for a months respite from their contaminated environment around Chernobyl. They sang one song in Ukrainian and then we all joined in for “If you’re happy and you know it”. Everyone’s heart melted. We all got a hug before they left. Even a miserable heartless cynic like myself shed a few tears. These children have no prospects and indeed very little future due to the extreme levels of radiation they live with every day, and yet they seem such a happy bunch. I hope we will continue to raise funds for them.

It’s only a couple of weeks ago since I opened but EmCee put me on first as I had wronged him in a previous existence.

Rick then had a tune on guitar -got at least an A from me, but “Living with the animals” isn’t a favourite.

Alun was full of himself (no change there) as he’d just come from Rhyl Pavilion where he’d been tuning the grand piano of one Julian Miles Holland OBE.(cash only). Sir Tom Jones was also appearing and popped in to do a couple of songs. Alun’s “Rare ould times” brought back memories of Ken Davies singing it at the Bee, but I’m trying hard to erase them.

Jeff’s poor anus had been tattered and turned inside out by day 4 of his illness. Keep on the right side of the law Jeff, that’s what prison is like. He is now a leading expert on the Wood Ant (Formica Rufa) as he spent much of last week watching day time tv on his portable with his trousers round his ankles.

Geoff Durno was a bit confused because he is on drugs. One of his offering was about Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. Fake news? Possibly. Fake photos? Certainly.

Mike had “Song for Ireland” in various keys. Needs a new verse about the wall that will be built following a no-deal Brexit (and the Irish are going to pay for it).

In the breadless raffle, Ruth won a magnum of bleach, I got a bucket and spade and Sheila won a night of unbridled lust with Sir Tom Jones. The Snowball would have been won by ball number 2, but Carol Bull will remain skint and it rolls over to twenty quid next week.

Adrian West had almost stopped sulking after cancelling his luggzury holiday in the South of France. He would be ill advised to wash his electric blue tee shirt with other items. I find myself unabe (or unwilling) to join in the chorus of “Twanky dillo”. This sort of stuff gets folk music a bad name.

T Gwyn had been to Liverpool this week. He advised us to go to the John & Yoko exhibit at the Liverpool Museum (I would add to dip in your pockets before the end of October and got to the Terracotta Warriors at the World Museum as well). He read Lennon’s “Deaf Ted, Danoota and Me” and also did an impression of Yoko Ono. You get your two quid’s worth at Tynewydd.

The first rounds were still not completed. Andy Gallagher had an excellent gag and some country type good ol’ shitkickin’ music. Looking a bit aggressive on the photo, Andy.

We hadn’t seem Mel for a few weeks. He separated the audience into bass and castrato for choruses of “Mud, glorious mud” and as a lesson to the wealthier sorts (like Mr. West) demonstrated the pitfalls of avoiding DIY and paying a man to do it with “Twas on a Monday morning when the gas man came to call”.

Not quite time for one each, but there were stunning performances from Jeff and Geoff, the latter I’ll put on at the end.

Housekeeping :-

There is a possibility of a weekend in Menai Bridge on October 13th. I can’t make it (a good reason to go) but if you wish to “show interest” see Jeff next week. If you can’t make it next week, e mail me at and I’ll pass it on. Edna is hoping Stuart will be well enough to go by then – we’ve all missed you, good to hear you’re on the mend. Also Colin says he might get back soon.

This is a photo of the bottle Steve Jones, generous as always, donated to the club to raise funds. We’ll raffle it at a later date. Retails at anything over £140 in the UK.

Listen to Geoff Durno and unwind.




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