Friday July 27th 2018.

Many people seemed to have waited for the rains to come and then gone on holiday, so we were short of a few bums on seats. The Pritchards were at home captivated by their recently acquired Susan Boyle CD and they forgot it was Friday, which left AWR to MC, with  a bagful of historical links, and me to do the photos.

Brian’s little boy had been caught with a packet of Woodbines in the shed and had been grounded for a week, so it was back to El Toro solo – usual fare of poaching and transportation, but there was also a lovely Anna Shannon song “Out of the Gold” about dead horses in WW1.

Geoff Durno was “Sowing the Seeds of Love”. If he’d been using the club condom, I hope he gave it a boil wash. That was bad taste, even for this column.

The artist formerly known as Adrian West will henceforth be known as “Martin”. Some smut. His tune this week was Meatloaf’s “Bat out of hell” (longstick).

“Summer Before the War” is always one of Alun’s crowd pleasers. It was written by Hugh Williams; my granddad was Hugh Williams (from Bala) – I don’t remember much about him but I think it unlikely that he wrote this particular song.

I don’t remember Mike singing “Cliffs of Dineen” before. He got it from his Daniel O’Donnell LP, “Hard Boiled Eggs”. A shanty for afters.

We haven’t seen Phil Williams for many months. Playing with his unorthodox “thumb and no fingers” style he knocked out a pair of Eric Clapton songs on his Stratocaster. “Layla” is on at the end. (I preferred “Tears in Heaven” but as my wife tells me everyday, I know nothing.)

The Break. The Snowball would have been won by Sandra Christie – it’s £25 next week and Martin is becoming interested.

“Tarantella” by Hilaire Belloc and a piece about the murder of the Miami Show Band were T Gwyn’s offerings in the culture section.

AWR followed this up with his own take on Tarantella with “Do you remember a van Miranda”,  poem about ice cream and Vienetta in particular. It was always a special occasion in our house as kids when a Vienetta or Arctic Roll appeared, usually with tinned fruit salad.

A couple from me gave people time to go to the toilet.

Jeff sang “Trouble in mind” and another which he didn’t introduce and I don’t know what it was, so you’re none the wiser. The camera caught him apparently fondling a pair of 42″ DDs.

Singers night next week. Get out your air guitars for “Layla”


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