Friday August 3rd 2018

It was a brave decision by EmCee to put Jeff on first. Could he perform while sober? Brian tried to rattle him from the back with a (very good) “nob” heckle, but Jeffrey necked as much beer as he could as he pretended to tune up. Unfortunately it was gassy bottled beer. Undaunted, his first song mentioned the Israelites, which upset many Labour party members. Nice guitar work though in “Don’t think twice”.

Mike got everyone singing with a rousing “Leave her Johnny, leave her” (she aint worf it). His other offering was Andy Irvine’s rip off of “Salley Gardens”.  There was to be a bit of an Irish theme throughout the night, as I continued with “Galway Shawl”.

Adrian was still smarting re. his aborted holiday and his ongoing dispute with his insurance company who unbelievably seem reluctant to dip in their pockets. Nice shirt tonight, would have looked the business in Cannes. On the positive side. he still has his Euros, which are increasing in value against the pound daily as Brexit approaches. Brexiteers are like old televisions – if you give them a good hard slap, eventually they get the picture but it’s all too late (other opinions are available but not worth your consideration). This week’s word was “expatiate”

Alun sang the lovely Dougie Maclean song “Down too Deep” before asking us to join in his Irish song with an 8 line chorus – no  ***!!!** chance! The Irish accent may have caused offence. To speak Irish, you only require 4 words – “Well”, “Oil”, “Beef”, “Hocked”.

Rick and Delora had an almost faultless version of “Down so low” and then the “New Tennessee Waltz”. EmCee was swiftly put in his place when he confused it with “The Tennessee Waltz”.

Brian struggled with adjustment of the microphones and the old git had to be given a lesson. Not rocket science. His Irish gag probably caused further offence. “A sailor’s life” was never going to end well as it was in a minor key. A similar no-laughs outcome also in “Derwentwater’s Farewell”, although Lord Derwentwater did partake in a successful medical trial, when his migraine was cured. By a bloke with a big axe.

Roddy Witherspoon? – haven’t seen him for a few years. If he’d been there on Friday he’d have walked away with £25 in the Snowball. There has been a noticeable absence of marmalade and other preserves in the raffle lately, maybe EmCee’s jam pan got mislaid in the house move?

EmCee allowed us just one each in the second half. When it looked like he was going to finish too early (a common problem, according to Ruth) he attempted a filibuster. “Mingulay” to finish was excellent.

Next week will be slightly different. Due to the absence of several members (myself and Ruth included, so no blog) there will be an informal singaround with no pa. and no charge to come in. Someone was worried that everybody would be asked to do something – this is definitely not the case. Just come along with your drinks and enjoy yourselves. However, if you fancy having a go, this is a great opportunity to do it, if you want to sing, dance, read something or play an instrument (strippers and lap dancers of either sex will be particularly welcome), you’ll receive nothing but support. Back to normal on the 17th.

Here’s Alun singing “Down too Deep” from the 1st Tynewydd live cd. Music doesn’t get any better than this, give it a couple of minutes of your time – I assure you you’ve got nothing better to do.




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