Friday August 17th 2018

There are some nights which will remain long in the memory; this was one of them.

We were missing Adrian, North Wales’ self acclaimed “King of Soul”, who was too upset to turn out following the death of Aretha Franklin. He may sing “Say a little prayer” next week.

Last week we had a “singaround”, which by all accounts was well received – special thanks to Tony, Mel and Colin for helping us out.

Rick and Delora started us off with a very restrained set, although “Ride On” picked up speed as it went into the final furlong (a furlong is about 200 metres for the younger reader, but more of that later).

There was a lesson on “the clove hitch” from EmCee as he ruined the guitar lead with a demonstration of his skill with the knots then a set from me.

Mike had his first official gig with the club guitar. It’s not such an easy instrument to learn these days since Bert Weedon’s book went out of print but an excellent effort.

Jeff had had to forget some of his gags for the night, because we had some very young people in our midst. The McGuire family were on holiday in Prestatyn. This would normally be reason to be detained under Section 63 of the Mental Health Act, but mum had brought along her children, thanks to a tip off by AWR’s brother, to play for us. Irrespective of age, this was an awesomely talented group of people. With ages ranging from 9 to 15, between them they can play almost any instrument you can name that is likely to turn up in a session.

Tonight Maisieanne played mandolin, Ramona was on bodhran, Shenara played fiddle and wee Shia kept superb time on his uke. I hope I’ve got those names right.

We were treated to jigs, reels and hornpipes in a truly memorable set, finally ending with Shia tapping his way across the floor with a prodigious display of Irish dancing.

Very few turns at the club have received a standing ovation. Let’s not forget the parents who have nurtured this talent and undoubtedly made many sacrifices – feel free to be very, very proud.

Even Alun couldn’t follow this so we had an early break. Sarah Wilkie would have won the £30 Snowball so it rolls over to £35 next week.

Alun continued the Irish theme with “Welcome Paddy Home”.

Geoff Durno had turned up late with no note and no guitar. he borrowed mine – sounds nice when it’s played properly.

Jeffrey was at his very best with “Buckets of rain” after a song by Skip James (no relation to the bush kangaroo who had his own tv series – what a load of crap that was -“whaddya say Skip, there’s a little boy trapped down a mineshaft?). Which reminds me how much we are all missing Aussie John. Give me a ring. T Gwyn was going to do some Betjeman but the “adult” content was not deemed suitable for the audience tonight.

Sadly mum had to take her flock back to Prestatyn before we had chance of another set from them, but the rest went round again.

After “yoof” night this week it’s “geriatric night” next Friday with the probable appearance of a couple of my elderly mates, Nick Jackson and the teuchter with the harp (maybe the bagpipes?), Andy Anderson. Although it beggars belief, these two seem popular. No accounting for taste. I’m doing the blog early this morning as it is Llannefydd show today and there’s stuff to be done, but AWR has this instant sent me the link to a You tube video of the McGuires. He’s probably just going to his bed now; well done that man. Here’s what you all want to see.


One Response to “Friday August 17th 2018”

  1. Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

    An excellent night with some excellent performances particularly from those criminally talent young ‘uns.

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