Friday August 24th 2018

There was a strong smell rising from the front rows this week as a load of us had been for a curry immediately before we arrived at Tynewydd. Sorry.

Mike was the chosen one this week; three acapella – where was the guitar? No note from his mam.

Alun had been further buggering about (a musical term) with Dougie Maclean’s “Scythe song”. Overall I have to grudgingly admit that it’s now a better song for his changes (especially Wendy’s input).

Adrian was back with a bang. He’d been to his favourite Turkish barber and had asked for  “a tight perm and colour” to give an “Afro” look. He strutted across the stage, skipping and clapping as he belted out Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” (see last week’s blog if you’re lost).

Andy Anderson was one of several infrequent visitors who turned up last night. Ruth’s snap shows him struggling to keep down a belly-full–of-balti and 10 pints of Cobra. He had another Dougie Maclean song (Caledonia) and a very nice one about two derelict schooners. It’s a change to hear a harp at the club; if that’s the sort of stuff you like you probably enjoyed it. Andy stayed the night with us and had brought a bottle of single malt with him, so I’m afraid the blog may be even less coherent than usual.

Nick Jackson was another of our not-seen-enough guests. Sadly the years have taken their toll and he is now only a shadow of the rebel rouser we remember from his hedonistic days with the wild folk rockers “Fox Firkin”. He was sounding a bit nasal tonight (he has “a habit” -several actually, most of them very irritating), but made a decent job of Eric Idle’s song about the universe and “The Earl of March’s Daughter”.

It’s always tough to follow somebody really talented, so it was a relief tonight only to have to come on after Nick. I’m expecting my little advent calendar with 6 windows and the cardboard sticks to come through my letterbox very shortly(bowel cancer screening, if there’s anyone under 60 reading this). I had top tips for collecting the samples. Songs were forgettable.

T Gwyn gave us the set he would have done last week, had we not had minors present. Adrian Henri’s “Mrs. Albion you’ve got a lovely daughter” – filth of the highest order, lots of stockings and suspenders. He followed this with some Betjeman. Superb set.

The Snowball would have been won by David Clough; it rolls over to £40 next week – getting interesting!

Dawn and Alan haven’t been for years and didn’t reek of garlic. The chorus for “Only You” (Yazoo? Flying Pickets?) proved too complex for a few of the elderly audience.

Brian managed to get poaching, transportation and a hanging all in one song. His second, “Greenland Whale Fisheries”, was about men chasing a sperm whale. Are there female sperm whales?

Jeff had “Careless Love” and “Take a load of fanny” – gets better every week.

Mel sang three; John Tams’ “Only Remembered”(sang Acapulco), one about transvestite soldiers then the ever popular “Joyce the Librarian”.

A crackerjack of a night. I’m off to make Mr. Anderson his breakfast of devilled kidneys and lark’s tongue – here he is with “Caledonia”.


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