Friday 31st August 2018.

Adrian was wearing his “King of Soul” shirt; somehow he’d been missed off the list of artists selected to perform at Aretha Franklin’s planting today. Their loss is our gain. Maybe. No soul or r & b tonight, however, back to gratuitous violence and, in Alun’s absence, the one about the piano tuner. Alun is in Normandy, doing a spot of scallop fishing.

Brian admitted he was in a miserable mood. Isn’t this the norm? I was afraid we’d get “Sheep crook & black dog”, but thankfully we were spared. Jez Lowe’s “Wrong Bus” was spoiled by someone opening a can half way through. DO IT WHILE HE’S TALKING INBETWEEN! There’s plenty of time there.

A few weeks ago I’d buggered up Ivan Drever’s “If I could” on the occasion of my dad’s 102nd birthday. I’d practised it every day this week – what happened? Another of my songs tonight was one by anarchist alternative rock group “Chumbawamba”, who also hail from my home town. Burnley is not for the squeamish. If you drive in from Rawtenstall, the sign simply says “Burnley – enter at your own risk”.

Mike got his guitar out and here’s the photo to prove it. Without the aid of a denim cap he sang Donovan’s “Colours”, and followed this with one of my favourites, “Who knows where the time goes”.

Jeff had escaped from his grandchildren but was looking a bit knackered. Nobody else would sing Tom Waites “Looks like I’m up shit creek again”.

Last week Mel asked me if I’d any requests for him to do tonight. He sang “Joyce” last week so it had to be “Supermarket Wine” tonight.

A very persuasive lady called Janet Burgess(remember the name EmCee!) is doing a project on amateur musicians and copyright issues and went round the room pulling people’s fingernails out – the word “volunteer” strikes fear into many hearts.

Ben Robertson would have been £40 richer if he’d come last night, but the Snowball will be £45 used notes next week.

T Gwyn read a poem in Welsh entitled “War” (but in Cymraeg) and then, as there was a circus up the road, Banjo Paterson’s “When Dacey rode the mule”, about a bucking mule (in a bucking circus).

Mel finished off the night in fine style; you can hear his Buddy Holly medley here, thanks to AWR.



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