Friday September 7th 2018.

Val (Mrs. Angry) Jones was back from Canada – she entered the room looking like a condom, attired in a pink plastic mac, sponsored by Viagra (which had been misspelled) brought from her trip to a waterfall over there.

EmCee was very excited about another volume of “The History of Cholera” he had acquired. Brian, on first tonight, asked if he could borrow it – he thought he’d  said “a history of colouring”.  “Lord Franklin” still didn’t end well, I think someone should rewrite an alternative ending where he finds a passage and lives happily everafter. We all knew it would come sooner rather than later; “Sheep dog and black crook” or some variation. Later in the evening, the difference between depressing, sad and poignant were explained to him.

Geoff Durno sang about an Irishman missing home, like they all do (why do they leave in the first place?), followed up with a kiddies song. The chorus was still too difficult for many.

Mike was acapella again. One song was about Napoleon on St. Helena, but there was no mention of him inventing 3* brandy whilst he was there.

I got a lot of stick for Steve Earl’s “Billy Austin” from Brian. This is a poignant song. It seemed to be better received than the last time I did it.

With Alun still away, I seized the opportunity to do Ralph McTell’s “Hiring Fair”. Surprisingly, this wasn’t as rubbish as I (or anyone else) expected.

Jeff left me confused – his train of thought is becoming increasingly bizarre. Nice set though. “Old Bill” didn’t appear to have anything to do with the police.

There was a lovely pair from the Harding twins tonight. Rick explained that his songs were neither sad nor depressing, but simply crying in your beer songs -“My old friend the blues” and “So lonesome I could cry”. Super stuff.

Mel rounded off the first half with one about the origins of “It’s a long way to Tipperary”, allegedly written in a day for a 5 shilling bet (25p for anyone under 50 who stumbles across this literary masterpiece)  and yet another poignant song (yes, there were a lot of ’em last night) from Jake Thackray about soldiers killed in WW1.

The raffle saw the return of marmalade from EmCee, frankly not before time. There used to be a variety of jams on offer, raspberry, blackberry, Chuckberry, and my favourite, beri-beri. No one would own up to having the ticket for Jeffrey’s contribution to the raffle – a tin of peach slices and a tin of Spam, so we put it in with the bread which of course Gillian and Brian won as per every week. The £45 Snowball would have been won by ball number 5, but he’s in France so it’s FIFTY QUID next time (which will be the 21st).

T Gwyn read Tennyson’s “Crossing the bar”. I did this a couple of times at Costigans (badly) and Mike has sung it recently (well), but it’s a nice piece. The best version was by “Salamander Crossing” which you can still find on You Tube.

Rounds of 2 for the rest of the second half, ending with Mel singing Dan Seals’ “One friend” to send us home with a warm glow in our hearts.

THERE IS NO CLUBNIGHT NEXT FRIDAY! We’re back on the 21st, so Gillian will have to remember to buy bread next week. Jeff would like people going on the club trip to start bringing deposits (there’s probably a tasteless gag there) .

You’ll have to be really bored to watch this



One Response to “Friday September 7th 2018.”

  1. Bread amazing as usual! Shop Bought bread not a patch! So we’ll give that one a miss! Not sure what well do with spam and the peaches!! Lol

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