Friday September 21st 2018.

 Tonight’s MC, Andrew -the-younger, had his on-this-day links all prepared, with the Pritchards being away on one of their regular dirty weekends.

Various rock bands have members such as “the edge”, “razor” etc. We have “slash”, called this due to his penchant for urinating in public car parks, and he was on first. A couple of cheerful sing-alongs got us in joyful mood, then there was the mining disaster with  concertina to bring us back down.

Winter is imminent; Adrian had returned to proper trousers after his hols, paid for from the proceeds of his dubious insurance claim. There was only minimal forgetting of titles, words, keys etc in an entertaining set.

I had been inspired to do Tennyson’s “Crossing the bar” after T Gwyn’s reading a couple of weeks ago – at our age it’s only wise to have a few funeral songs under your belt. I don’t do selfies so thankfully there’s no photo.

It was good to see Mike back with his Yamaha, and, it has to be said, making a good job of it with “Come by the hills”. He ditched it to go naked, so to speak, for “Courting is a pleasure” – we hadn’t had anything off “Puffin Eggs” for about 3 weeks.

Jeff decided that this was the week to wear a hat. What do you think? Yes, we all thought the same. For the sake of the forthcoming cd, he had another go at Eric Bogle’s “Waltzing Matilda”, but decided to concentrate this week. Maybe the hat stops his thoughts from straying.

Alun is still abroad for the release of his forthcoming diet and fitness dvd at Cannes, so we will all soon be able to achieve the streak of piss look, which Alun so admires in his concertina wielding hero, without giving up booze or getting up off your arse.

T Gwyn now does poetry readings for weddings; this is apparently becoming a nice earner, but be aware that he charges extra for “dressing up” (as does the woman who works Parrys’ corner). After “The Wedding” (in Welsh), he gave us  Abdul Abulbul Amir – always goes down well.

The break. Jenny won the lady razors and shaving foam – Ruth will have to remember to get a photo of her Brazilian next week. I’ve got visitors this weekend, so I didn’t have a spare loaf. Gillian picked me up by the throat and explained that if I liked my dangly bits where they were, there would be some bread next week as she was sick of explaining to her four cute pit bull terriers that there was no carbohydrate to go with the postman’s leg. The Snowball wasn’t collected again this week (Val Taylor?) and will therefore remain at £50 till my ball is pulled out (which was pretty much what Gillian was proposing to do).

The ever popular Geoff Durno had been a late arrival; he made up for not having sung much John Prine lately with two and finished up with “Whisky on a Sunday”, which was my choice for you to hear at the end. It was a close run thing as Jeff turned in an excellent version of “Tangled up in blue”, despite microphone problems, and rounded off the evening with a couple of chorus songs.




2 Responses to “Friday September 21st 2018.”

  1. Andrew Weighill-Richards Says:

    I’d have loved to post a recording of Tangled Up In Blue (JB at his finest) but we only got about thirty seconds before the mic went off. Ho hum.

  2. Yes we did miss the Bread, but hoping for a win next week! As for the balls they live to fight another day!

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