Friday September 28th 2018

The good news is that I’ve been invited to join the Magic Circle. Last night I made 30 people disappear into the toilet simply by picking up my guitar. I also discovered that EmCee only reads the first two paragraphs of this weekly twaddle – he simply wants to find out who was on first.

As I put my guitar back on the rack, everyone shuffled back in for Mike, first with his Yamaha and then a lovely song “Last Trip Home”, about a horse being replaced by a tractor (and presumably then made into dog food and it’s bones rendered down for glue).

Brian had only brought his concertina with him tonight. As Mike moves into the realms of “accompanied performer”, El Toro is trying to usurp his place as the club’s premier acapella artist. A way to go yet, Brian. I have been reliably informed that every time he plays his concertina, somewhere, a young child’s puppy dies. How long will he keep doing this? To be fair, he did a lot of chorus songs tonight.

Adrian was getting a last wear this year from his shirt before winter sets in proper. He sang one about a soldier deserting. I remember Darryl singing this one many times in the Bee, but it was nice to be able to actually hear the words tonight. The bloke got shot at the end. Predictably, there was some very thinly veiled filth of a nautical nature to follow.

Jeff was topped off with a blue trilby tonight; the audience still unanimously thought he looked a ****. Nice set though and an even better one in the second half.

T Gwyn has some of his “bits” hanging on the wall of a gallery in Wrexham. If any of you have the misfortune to find yourselves in this town, look ’em up – it’s probably the only good thing about Wrexham (apart from the Majestic shop). Betjemen’s “Myfanwy”;  always brill.

The Snowball is holding at £50 as Bill Somebodyorother wasn’t there to claim it. EmCee won my bread, which was none too popular with some.

Mel was back from his hols (see the website’s “t shirts on tour” for where he’d been and loads of other people with their club shirts and bags all over the globe). He’d wanted to do a carol as it was only 12 weeks till Christmas, but he was shouted down. Winter is almost upon us; up here in the hills I got up about 7.30 and looked out over the fields to see them sparkling with frost in the early morning sun. Made a cup of tea and buggered off back under the warm soft duvet with my warm soft missus. Also aspiring to the  spot of club premier unaccompanied singer he sang “Coal ‘ole cavalry”. I mentioned that the chorus could be “clitoris, clatteris coal ‘ole cavalry, galloping down t’t mine” so he will now have this stuck in his brain for evermore.

Time for a round of two each. I avoided the rush for the bog by reading some Les Barker (Spot of the Antarctic), and Mel rounded off an excellent evening with some chorus songs.

Driving home I spotted EmCee in the gutter; there was a lot of blood and his nose was spread across his face. There was no sign of the wholemeal cob. I would have stopped to help but if he can’t be arsed to read my blog……… . A small white car was seen leaving the area at speed.

Next week we have guests Zoe Mulford and Tom Kitching. I should warn you in case you have an allergy that their performance may contain banjo. £5 on the door.

Although Jeff objected, AWR and I agreed that his was the best song of the night. The hiccup in the middle is where Andrew edited out the expletive.



2 Responses to “Friday September 28th 2018”

  1. I could not persuade Margaret to pull my snow ball out of the bag, but the bread more than made up for it. I will expect someone to cover the 4th street and Jones soon. Mind you, I’ve had a request in for the Ashokan farewell and see where that’s got me. I got to the end and beat Gillian and Brian to the bread-result!!

  2. What can we say!!! Enjoyed a
    Our cheese and …. With port for super!!

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